Saturday, 6 July 2013

Dreaming of a holiday abroad

Next month is my birthday and it is a big birthday. It is one of those birthdays when people find out they ask you if you are having a birthday party.  'Oh you will be 40, what are you doing to celebrate Michelle?' and everyone seems to expect there will be mass celebrations. It is also my husbands 40th birthday just 10 days later and this doubles the expectation.

From about the age of 25 we made a decision that when we turned 40 we would go to New York and have a real 'knees up' of a holiday, we would blow the budget and have a marvellous time doing all those classic things you are supposed to do in the big apple. I started to pester my parents back in 2011 to ensure they would be happy to look after our kids for a week or so and being the fab people they are, they agreed.

However, it became clear last year that a luxury trip to New York was beyond our means and we changed our expectations and agreed that a cheap holiday abroad, just the two of us anywhere in the sunshine would do us fine. Our plan was to allow the kids to get back to school in September, this means it would be easier for my parents to look after them as they would have the days to themselves to recuperate before the whirlwinds came home each day and we would not have to put up with other peoples kids on our holiday. I can't think of anything worse that putting up with other peoples kids when we are having a break from our own.

Then of course things have changed again in the last couple of months and our family is moving to East Sussex and dh has started a new job.  This means he can't go disappearing off in September for a weeks holiday and frankly we don't really have the money for it now with all the expense of house moving and equipping ourselves down there in our new home.

Our last aboard holiday together, in the Dominican Republic, 2004

I'm a sucker for punishment though, I've been checking out last minute deals and finding some great holidays that I'd just love to go on. I've been sitting their drooling at the idea that Venice, Italy is 30 degrees at the moment. 86 Fahrenheit is a perfect kind of temperature for me, just hot enough that you feel as if you are abroad but not so hot that you melt. I couldn't believe that Turkey is practically 100 degrees at the moment, I'm not sorry to be missing that, although I could just laze in the pool.

We have decided that next year will now be our belated 40th birthday holiday treat together and the up side of that is I have a bit more time to find my motivation and lose some weight!


  1. aww, can empathize completely with you! We were looking at holidays for next year but as I have been on mat leave , our finances have hot a bit of a low. You will get somewhere next year and a house move sounds exciting anyway :) Venice is lovely, very hot but lovely and great to have that goal in mind of a holiday for just the two of you.

  2. Oh I'm with you. We go to Germany to see my family every year, but as it's seeing family it doesn't really feel like a holiday. Somewhere new would me lovely. Maybe Greece or Spain - but not it summer, because I just don't do hot ;)

  3. I will be having my 40th birthday break late too, does that mean we can claim to be in our thirties for another year?!?


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