Saturday, 3 August 2013

Review: Brilliant Mini-b Beanbag for kids

Some of you will know that we have had a stressful month of moving house. Well to be precise dh moved to our new home at the end of June and the kids and I did not follow until a month later. This meant that dh was living in a gorgeous big house with next-to-no furniture. He called me one night and said he was trying to watch TV but just could not get comfy however many pillows he tried to use.

Lucky for him the next day he had a delivery from Room to Grow with 2 gorgeous beanbags for my twin girls to review. The mini-b beanbags have been a God-send, who would have thought that a 6ft tall large man could manage to lounge on them and feel comfy? Dh has put aside his masculine side and embraced the bright pink mini-b beanbag!

I've looked at kids beanbags before and walked away as I assumed they would not be big enough for JJ, who is a growing boy, but you can see from the pictures of my dh and JJ below, they are plenty big enough even for young teenagers. The picture below shows the kind or arguments I'm having now with three kids and two beanbags - one always ends up on the floor! lol

The mini-b beanbag is perfect for my kids when they want to lounge and watch some TV or have a play on their tablet. I have such manic children that I have to encourage them to sit down and chill out at times. The beanbag is shaped so that you can lounge on it or sit in it like a chair, it is very clever how it shapes itself to you. It wraps around and moulds to fit their body and uses body heat to maintain the perfect temperature  - clever!

It comes in a range of 11 bright colours to suit any decor and is covered in a 2-way stretchable, breathable, water-resistant, durable and easy to clean PU fabric. We received one in bright pink and one in red and they are both good strong colours, that look superb  It feels a bit like fake leather, but seems good and durable  I really like the fact that the mini-b bag can go just about anywhere including outside. At our new house we will go to a late Church service each Sunday evening and over the summer whilst the kids don't have any school I'm planning to take the bean bags with us so they can relax whilst we worship.

I never realised quite how versatile beanbags could be before we got these, who knew they would be good for a spot of play wrestling?

As you can see the beanbag has a plastic fabric bottom and on the top there is a large rubber tag to move it or carry it. It came in a fabric cover which is great for transporting it and storing it away if you need to.

The mini-b retails for £59.99 and whilst this is not cheap, I think it is a premium quality product that will last a number of years and thus I'd say it is good value for money. JJ now has his eye on the royal blue one  so I might just have to purchase one and keep peace in the house.

Disclosure: We received these beanbags free of charge for the purpose of this review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.

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