Sunday, 17 August 2014

Picture Perfect: 4 Tips To Make Your Photo Gifts Beautiful

Photo gifts are a fantastic way to share treasured memories with those you love. But to make sure they look picture perfect follow these four tips to make sure your photos look beautiful.

Practise, Practise, Practise

If there is one thing that will improve the look of your pictures, and therefore your photo gifts, it’s taking a lot of pictures. Don’t just snap away blindly though. Think carefully about your shots, but make sure that you’re taking photos every day. Even if all you do is take pictures of everyday objects that’s fine, but see how you can make them as interesting as possible. By practising regularly you’ll find that your photos not only look better but that you can take them quickly and still make them look great, ensuring your photo gifts turn out simply stunning.

Compose Yourself. And Your Picture

Don’t fire off a salvo of pictures like a machine gun, hoping that one will turn out great, because it probably won’t. Instead take a second to compose your picture properly. Obviously with action shots you won’t have much time, but for anything else always think about what you’re shooting before you hit the button.

The Importance of ISO

Most people leave their ISO setting on automatic, and this is often because they don’t quite get what ISO does or why it’s important. All ISO really does is control the sensitivity of your camera’s sensor to light, and the higher the ISO the more sensitive the sensor. This means that pictures in low light are often clearer. But the problem is that turning up your ISO also increases ‘noise’ in your pictures. It’s similar to turning up volume on a tape recorder. The sound is increased but so are the background hiss and pops. To get the best pictures for your photo gifts take control of your ISO and match it appropriately to your lighting.

Set Your White Balance

White balance is another camera setting that some people shy away from. You may have noticed that when you take photos in different lights that white areas can take on unusual colours, appearing blue-ish or having an orange tinge to them. White balance corrects this but sometimes the automatic white balance setting overcompensates or fails to correct the problem. To avoid your photo gifts having odd colours try adjusting your white balance based on the ambient light.

If you want to give photo gifts to family and friends you want to make sure they look as good as possible. Hopefully these four easy tips will help you take beautiful photos you want to preserve forever.

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