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Tuesday 4 October 2016

Challenged to Kit Miss E Out for £50 with Get The Label

Both my twin 9 year old girls were set the challenge by Get The Label to kit themselves out with an outfit (footwear, tops/bottom or dress and a jacket/jumper) for £50. I mentioned in my other post that I thought they were having a laugh, you might be able to kit out a baby or toddler in a full outfit for £50 but surely not a girl who wears age 11/12 clothes with adult sized feet?

I'm happy to put my hands up in the air and say I was wrong, you really can and I think Miss E's outfit is so funky. I love her sense of style, she knows exactly what she likes and is not at all swayed by her very opinionated twin sister or anyone else.

Miss E is not as confident on the web as her sister so we started to browse the Get The Label site together and I steered her into the clearance section and footwear at first as I thought that might be the most expensive part of the outfit. Well in Miss E's case I was certainly right as she fell straight in love with a pair of limited edition Swizzels Love hearts sweets Kickers boots. She is a girl after my own heart, I remember owning my very first pair of kickers when I was 17 years old and I had paid for them myself and they cost so much money. Well no need to spend a ton of money nowadays as these ones only cost £23.99, that's far less than I spent back in 1990.

Here is what Miss E choose in all -
  • Kickers junior girls kick lite hi boots £23.99 (should retail at £64.99)
  • French connection juniors girls safety pin dress £15.68 (should retail at £34.99)
  • Adidas women's collegiate jumper £9.49 (not known, as no longer on the website but I think £29.99)

The total for her three items came to £49.16 and I think she did a great job of buying three items that she can wear together but also style with totally different outfits too. Miss M already has her eye on the Adidas jumper to borrow!

If Miss E had bought these elsewhere without any discount from Get The Label the cost for the three items would have been £129.97, so we made a saving of £80.81 and just imagine what we can do with that amount instead!

Thank you Get The Label for a fun challenge, we will happily shop with you again as we found your service, delivery and clothes to be really great.

Why don't you have a look what her twin sister, Miss M chose too.

If you fancy winning an outfit for your child for £50.00 and 4 tickets to Gulliver's World you can enter over HERE.

Disclosure: We received the clothes free of charge for the purpose of this post but I was not instructed what to write and I remain honest.