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Saturday 28 May 2022

The Distinctive Season for Vinyl Flooring

{This is a collaborative post}

Rain, snow, and heat affect how you design your home. Not many people factor it in, but how the weather is outside has a great influence on how you want to live inside - which goes to the walls, the ceilings and naturally your floor. It is here that all interior designers recommend a cost-effective, easy to install and wholly durable option - luxury vinyl flooring.

Each different seasons bring about it's own challenges to your flooring-


The Spring weather can go one of many ways; nice and sunny or bleak and rainy. No matter how it falls, the Distinctive flooring range of vinyl flooring has the built-in tools to handle it all.

Spring is a high rain-tested season, providing more than its fair share of water risk from wet clothes or footprints soaking through carpets. This makes vinyl a much safer and more satisfying solution. Distinctive offers a 100% waterproof manufactured design, where moisture in the air cannot breach the floor planks or tiles and seep through to damage the subfloor.

Luxury vinyl flooring provides a quick with the sunny outlook for your living room during the Spring.


With the hot season upon us, outside activity is high for homes with small families. This poses a fair amount of challenges to carpets or real hardwood floorng options.

Other types of flooring can become a victim of grass stains and children tearing through the home forgetting to take their muddy shoes off. Distinctive vinyl ensures that your flooring is protected with the safeguarding of scratch-proof design and easy to clean wear layers - so your kitchen and living area remains glorious with minimal effort. During the summer months, it's good to know humidity will not affect your flooring and cause tiles to come loose or rise.