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Friday 22 December 2017

Pink Parcel Monthly Box to Cheer You Up!

{This is a collaborative post}

Talking about female health has been a taboo for too long, but regular readers will know that I aim to change that. Everything that goes on with the female body is natural and we can't help having periods, or excessive bleeding, or maybe even catching an STD but we can normalise these things and make sure we get the help we need. I've already had one TCRE for my menorrhagia and will have another next month.  I've never had the need to go for an STD test as I've been with my husband for such a long time, but it might be different for you and I'd encourage you to book for a full STD test panel if you know that it might be a different scenario for you.

I'm very keen to help my young daughters to be open about their female and even genital health, and back in November,  they received a Bettybox each. This is a box aimed at young girls who have started their periods and need a little pick-me-up at 'that' time of the month, as well as their practical sanitary protection, needs too. You can read our review of it over on Mummy from the Heart but in short, we all loved the concept and the girls felt really special. At 10 years old they are both still a little young to actually need the Bettybox as yet but I have promised them I will get them a box each to celebrate when the time comes. Not because we'll need the towels (because we have so many of those now) but because you get a fabulous range of goodies in every box, that is worth so much more than the £12.99 price tag.

I liked the Bettybox so much that I then ordered myself one and after finding a code online the box cost me just over a tenner and I was able to choose sanitary protection that suits my needs. As before, I loved this box and all the wonderful items that came with it but what was best was the free voucher inside to get myself a Pink Parcel. The older sister of the Bettybox and a monthly subscription box designed for ladies like me, Pink Parcel is also £12.99 a month (or it will work out a bit cheaper if you sign up for 6 or 12 months).

Then as well as the freebie box, I also received one for me to try out and review, so now I have duplicates of everything and you know what? I can never have too much sanitary protection and I have twins, so my girls will be super pleased to receive some of the goodies as a little pressie each in the new year.

With the Pink Parcel, you can personalise your box to choose the sanitary protection that suits you. The box can be just tampons, just towels or a mix of the two and the items are always big, well-known brands like Always, Tampax and Lil-lets. I choose to have Lil-lets super heavy flow tampons and I received 21 of these, as well as 6 towels for night-time extra protection and 7 tiny knicker liners (that I'd never use in a million years as my flow is far too heavy). I think this is a good amount to receive each month.

As you can see you get a pretty cotton bag 'for now' and this had some tampons and your panty liners in it. Then a box 'for later' and this has loads more tampons in it and a 'for bedtime' box with bigger towels.

However, the really exciting bit is the 'for you' box and here is what I received in the December 2017 Pink Parcel 'for you' box -

I was very pleased with all the health and beauty treats that I received in my parcel. There are well-known brand names and good size products. I received -
  • English Laundry Signature Purse Spray (£16)
  • Maggie Anne Nail Polish - in Metallic Silver or Gold (I got one of each! - £10.50 for 11ml)
  • POM Secret Santa Snowflake Earrings (£8.00)
  • The Beauty Crop 3 Amigos Eye Shadow Trio (£8.00)
  • So Susan Mesmer Eyes Liquid Eye-liner (£18.99)
  • Sanatio Naturalis Sweet Orange Aromatherapy Oil (£15.00 for 10ml)
  • Fudge Kitchen Orange Caramel Fudge Square
  • Whittards Earl Grey teabag (Just one!)
I make this just under £80 worth of goodies, so I think you can say that is a pretty awesome bundle for just £12.99 or in my case this month totally for free!

I worked out that the sanitary protection is about £3's worth, so that means I had effectively paid £9.99 for the £80 'for you' box of products and I think this is great value. Having looked at many reviews and past packages online it looks as if the quality of the items sent is always as good as the ones I received and as such I can imagine I'll be treating myself to these boxes again!

Disclosure: Thanks so much Pink Parcel for sending me out a box to review, I've really enjoyed it. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.