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Thursday 17 June 2021

What is the Best Flooring for Everyday Peace of Mind?

{This is a collaborative post}

Life tends to be hectic no matter who you are. You may work from home or be constantly outdoors but there are times when you just need to relax without finding distraction from the next thing that needs your attention.

For nine out of ten people your space to destress and relax will be a room within your own home. So it is important that the room is well decorated and has flooring that helps you to unwind and feel calm. You'll want comfort in both how the flooring feels underfoot when you walk on it, as well as what you can visually see and of course, how little time you have to invest in looking after it.

Thankfully you can find a great solution for all your needs with luxury vinyl flooring, such as the lowest price Amtico flooring.

Less Cleaning

When choosing a new floor covering one of the first thing you are going to consider is cleaning the floor. There is no denying this is a major concern for anyone looking to install new flooring and have a simple life.

Whilst many people begin to look into what carpet cleaning devices and chemicals they required and others want to ensure their flooring for damages, Amtico vinyl flooring provides some peace of mind guarantees. Such as, it is super easy to clean simply with warm water and a sponge or mop. You can clean up spills of food or drink, or even trampled-in dirt in moments. 

Also, there is no chance of spilt water seeping through the floorboards to your subfloor due to the moisture-resistant manufacturing process. Both of these factors are reason enough why many households choose Amtico vinyl flooring.

Comfort Levels

Luxury vinyl flooring provides you with a natural cushion feel underneath your feet and it lends itself as a perfect partner for underfloor heating, meaning you'll be snug and warm in your home.

Unlike other types of flooring which could rise or bubble due to temperature changes, vinyl will stay in place and keep it's professional look. Also, the cushion quality of the Amtico vinyl flooring increases the safety of household objects that would usually smash when dropped. That means plates, glasses and ornaments have a higher chance of bouncing than being destroyed upon impact if you do have a little accident. 

Larger Selections

No need to be intimidated by the sheer size of the selection you have of the lowest price amtico flooring as you can quickly narrow down your choices and there are enough designs to guarantee you the right flooring for your needs.

Whatever home look you enjoy, that allows you to relax, feel safe and spend time without worrying about your home, you can have it the way you want with luxury vinyl tile flooring.

Thursday 10 June 2021

Review: Dinner at Mill Arms, Dunbridge, Romsey, Hampshire

Review of our meal at Mill Arms, Dunbridge, Romsey, Hampshire. We'd recommend and would eat there again.

When we stayed at Michelmersh Manor Farm near Romsey recently we wanted to try some local fayre one night and when I started to look for pubs that were close by, the first two that came up were the Bear & Ragged Staff and The Goat. They both looked really nice but they also looked pretty pricey and the menus appeared quite limited. As we were going to be eating with our twin 13-year-old daughters we wanted to make sure there were some comfort food type dishes or crowd-pleasers like pasta/ pizza on the menu. We, therefore, choose to dine at the Mill Arms, Dunbridge.

It turned out to be a good choice as we all enjoyed our meals and we paid £53.00 for a main course and soft drink for each of us, so that was good value. That worked out to just £13.25 each.

From the direction we arrived at the pub, we entered through a side door from the front car park, where there are just a few spaces but then there is a large car park to the rear as well. The pub/ restaurant was not very busy at all and I took this to be because the Covid restrictions had only just lifted and people were still being cautious. On that note, we felt very happy with the precautions put in place.