Sunday, 29 March 2020

Wicked Sports Equipment to keep you Active through Lockdown

Having Fun Indoors

Check out all these fabulous items from Wicked Mania to help you stay active during this lockdown, bot in the home and in your garden. 

Indoor Booma (Foam Bomberang) - £6
We were sent an indoor booma and I must admit I thought the idea was nuts, I had visions of cracked vases and mess everywhere, but I need not have worried as it is made of foam, but apparently, it isn't just any foam though, it is 'memorang' foam. When the booma is tuned correctly (slightly bent) and thrown right it will fly 4-6 metres and return to the person. I first started out in my kitchen and the instructions on the packaging are useful for getting you started, but it soon became obvious my kitchen was too small and a larger room is needed. I wasn't much better in my lounge I have to admit but my son had a more natural talent for it than me!

Have a look at this clip and see the experts fly the booma, neither myself or the kids have got to this level of expertise as yet!

Mega Jump Rope - £8
This can be used both indoors or outdoors and my girls are loving their new jump rope each. We're lucky that we have a courtyard right outside our door and they can get out and play to let off all their energy, but if you live in an apartment and can't get out, or just have a balcony then this might be perfect. You might have to adjust the length being aware of the ceiling height, and ensure no-one is around as you skip, but it is such a fabulous form of exercise, very high intensity.

It was easy to adjust the 300cm rope length to ensure it fitted my daughters perfectly, and it feels nice and solid to hold on to and skip with. The handgrips are also easy to hold and comfortable. It's definitely worth checking on the Wicked Vision TV channels for tutorials for use with this jump rope too, and there are three levels - beginner, advanced and pro. 

UKick - £8
This was another one I was totally useless at. I'm just not fast and agile enough, but I was very impressed with how good Miss E got in a short space of time with some perseverance and practise. The idea is that you keep the UKick flyer off the ground for as long as possible, either playing alone or with a friend. You can use your feet and hands, or even other parts of your body and face to keep it off the ground. The possibilities are endless.

There are 6 little discs that you can add or remove from the bottom to adjust the difficulty of using the UKick and I like how it is super light and won't damage anything in the home, even if it does end up where it is not supposed to. Check out the advert and see how it is done by people with far more skill than us.

Having Fun Outdoors

Sky Rider - £10
There are various styles of this high-performing flying disc. We have the 175g ultimate one, which meets competitions specs, not that we are going to do any competitions, as we've all been pretty useless with our attempts. I'm blaming the wind and really should have got thee things out earlier this week when the weather was much better. I'm praying for some nice still weather next week, with minimal wind.

Mega Bounce XL - £20
The Mega Bounce XL ball has a circumference of 2.51 metres, it is huge and we haven't even blown it up completely yet, as otherwise, we can't get it in and out of the house, and it isn't warm enough to just leave it outside at the moment. 

It comes with a foot pump, which Miss E used and found the ball easy to inflate. It is a pretty flimsy pump and I'm not sure how long it will last, to be honest, but we'll just switch to our electric one when we need to. I like that you get a plastic tape measure so you can see when the ball has hit full inflation.

The ball has the wicked graphic all over it and this slight protruding text gives it good grip-ability for catching it. I can confirm that it really is a super bouncy ball and for us so far it has worked on cobbles, paving slabs and grass. It's not something I'd recommend for inside play, for obvious reasons! lol The actual ball itself feels really durable and I'm sure we'll get lots of good use out of it. 

Our Thoughts

In conclusion, we love the Sky Roider, the Mega Bounce XL and the Mega Jump Ropes, I think all these things will be used loads, especially outside and as the weather gets better. All three kids used to love creating a sports club together, so I can see this coming back as a feature during these times when we have to stay home. I think each of these is good quality and worth the money, so I am hopeful they will last a very long time. 

I think we'll use the indoor booma and the UKick less, basically because we do not have the skill for them. Miss E has vowed to practise with the UKick and to get much better at it, and it is good she has something new to enjoy and try to master over the coming weeks.

Disclaimer: We received the Mega Bounce XL and the Sky Rider at Christmas and last week Wicked Vision sent us the other items for use during the lockdown time, in exchange for an honest review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest. 

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Review - Azul Board Game: Great Fun for all the Family

Azul board game

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During this Coronavirus lockdown, we have been so lucky to have a new game to play. I was first introduced to the board game, Azul (#ad) in February when I played it with a few friends and I was hooked from the start. It seems to retail for around £32 - £35 but I came across a brand new copy on eBay for £12 so I was very chuffed with that.

Azul is suitable for 2 - 4 players and adapts well to whichever number of players we've tried it with. I think 2 player is probably my favourite though as the gameplay is quicker and feels more exhilarating. It says it is suitable for ages 8 plus, but our friends have it too and they play with their 6 and 8-year-old daughters, so the concept is quite easy to grasp, but they may just need a little help with the scoring.

Azul board game set up

The box contains:
100 Resin Tiles
4 Player boards
9 Factory displays
4 Scoring markers
1 Starting player resin tile
1 Linen bag
1 Rulebook

The aim of Azul is to score the most points by placing various coloured tiles onto your game board, over a number of rounds. It sounds simple but there is actually a little more to it than that, the skill is in deciding which tile/s to pick up each turn and where to put them to gain the advantage against your opponent/s.

Set-up is super easy and the instructions are clear and give all the details you need. My 12-year-old twins had it mastered after one game and have played it dozens of times since. My 16-year-old has also joined them a few times to play and he plays a more cunning and devious game, as he likes to strategise and project where others might want to go. It is certainly more challenging when he is playing.

The quality of the board and tiles is really good. They are sturdy and feel like they will last a very long time. You get a large bag with the tiles, to hide them whilst you deal them out at the beginning of each round and that it is a bit flimsy and has already lost one of its strings in the first week. I really can't moan though, given the £12 price tag I paid.

Azul has only been on the board game market since 2017 and in 2018 it won the Spiel des Jahres award, making ti the board game of the year, a highly coveted accolade in the board gaming world. This seal of approval means that board gamers the world over agree with me and find it a fabulous fun game for all ages. That engages but is easy to learn and play.

Gameplay takes about 30-40 minutes and again that makes it very easy to play, or you may get hooked like us and still be playing 3 or 4 games down the line. There is also a more freestyle version of the game on the back of the game boards, but we haven't tried that as yet.

As I just had a look on Amazon I was pretty excited to see there are two newer versions of Azul as well - Azul Stained Glass and Azul Summer Pavilion, so I know what I might be buying if this lockdown goes on for too long!

(#ad) Azul is currently for sale on Amazon for £37.36

Azul game tiles

If you want a good instructional video on how to play Azul, rather than reading the instruction booklet, have a watch of this one, it is clear, concise and very accurate.

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Azul pin

Monday, 19 November 2018

Family Holiday in Sri Lanka - 5 Top Places to Visit

Photo by Rajiv Perera on Unsplash

When I was a child and I'd dream, my Mum would always tell me 'there is a whole world out there to explore Michelle' and now I realise how right she is. As a teen and then in my twenties I kept my travels safe and pretty domestic, mainly travelling within Europe but then the beginning of this decade saw me taking some life-changing trips to Ethiopia, the USA and Belarus, and now my eyes are open and I want to see more and more places.

I often spend quiet afternoons at home researching new destinations and dreaming of where we will visit in the future. Of course there are now three tweens/ teens to be factored in to our travel plans but that's OK, I find them really great companions to go on adventures with.

One of the destinations I have been musing just recently is Sri Lanka, which is around a ten hour plane journey from the UK. The island is small enough that you can fully cover it in a two week holiday and it has fantastic diversity, from heritage sites that speak of the country's Buddhist roots, to national parks with amazing animals and lush green tea plantations.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Can you believe Cashback can be exciting? It is with Boom25...

We all love money for nothing and that's why more and more people are signing up for cashback sites, but with traditional sites normally only offering between 1 - 10% cashback on your purchase (and that's if they don't catch you out with some reason as to why that purchase wasn't eligible) its not likely you're going to get rich overnight.

However, I've learnt about a different site, offering a different way, and Boom25 certainly is exciting and may just help you along your path to riches. If you're a gambler and like to take a risk then Boom25 might work perfectly for you, as you could win back the whole cost of the purchase you've made. So if you're spending around £2,500 like I did with Oak Furniture Superstore a while back, you could literally win every penny of that back, just by going via the Boom25 site.

That sounds pretty great doesn't it? And I suspect you might be wondering what the catch is, but there isn't one. To open an account with Boom25 costs you nothing, you only have to give them minimal information and they will never charge you anything, ever. The only risk you take is not getting the traditional 1-10% back from a regular cashback site. So for example with my £2,500 purchase, if I got the 1% cashback, I could have made £25 but if I went via Boom25, I have a 1 in 25 chance of my whole purchase cost being won and paid back to me. Of course that means I also have a chance of getting nothing, but that is the excitement and where the name comes from - it's boom or bust!

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Review: Mother of Pearl Cross Necklace, Molly Brown London

It's been a good week at my house this week. Not because it snowed (it did) and not because we went out for a fabulous lunch (we also did) but because my 10 year old twin girls received a gift each from Molly Brown London. This stunning designer of children's Stirling silver jewellery has been dubbed as 'Tiffany for children' by Vogue and I can certainly see why.

Earlier this week I published a review of Miss E's super stylish heart shaped locket with diamond detailing on my other blog and now I'm happy to share the necklace that Miss M choose. She went for the Mother of Pearl Cross Necklace, which retails for £48. 

All Molly Brown London jewellery comes with the most beautiful packaging. My girls felt really special as they unwrapped the gorgeous pink packages all tied up with lush chocolate brown ribbon. Your silver necklace comes in a little plastic packet as that is the best way to store silver, airtight away from oxygen that could tarnish it. That plastic bag is then in a gorgeous pink mesh bag, inside a box and then inside the bag. It's like opening the most wonderful matryoshka doll.

As a Christian the sign of the cross is important to Miss M and she loved the difference of this piece with there being two crosses, one of which is gorgeous Mother of Pearl. This necklace would make an amazing present for a First Holy Communion, Christening, Baptism or as an Easter or Bridesmaids gift. 

The thick and sturdy belcher necklace is 16" and adjustable at 14". Each of the crosses measure 15mm x 10mm x 1mm and are thus a great size for small necks. 

The clasp on the belcher chain is a lovely sturdy lobster clasp and it was easy to open and close. You can also see the little paw print tag (with the hallmark on the other side) by the clasp and this is your assurance that this is a genuine piece of Molly Brown London jewellery. It also adds a little fun and it's lovely to discover that the brand name and the paw tag where inspired by the founders family pet Labrador, you guessed it - Molly Brown!

The Molly Brown London packaging is so beautiful that both girls have it on display in their bedrooms and the boxes are nice and sturdy and thus will keep their necklaces in great condition for years to come. It's a really nice touch to get the bags even though our necklaces came by post. They were in a box to ensure they stayed pristine and were layered with pink tissue paper. 

The standard delivery service is £3.95 for a tracked courier delivery that will take 2-3 days from placing your order. Even having one necklace personalised we still received ours in super fast time. 

Miss E received a diamond heart locket and she loves that as well. You can see the review of her locket over on Mummy from the Heart.

I have already placed an order with Molly Brown London for a couple of pairs of Stirling silver earrings which will be birthday presents for the girls. They were in the sale for £15 each and are thus a super bargain!

Disclosure: We received this necklace free of charge for the purpose of this review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.