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Tuesday 4 January 2022

Laser Hair Removal Tips For People With Dark Skin

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Laser body hair reduction has time and again surpassed the popularity of all traditional hair removal solutions like waxing and shaving. In this context, it is good to know that the treatment is being improved with every passing year and this is one of the many reasons why the treatment is now considered safe for people with all types of skin.

Back in the day, people with dark skin could not get laser hair removal but that has now changed.

How Laser Hair Reduction Treatment Can Benefit People With Dark Skin?


As per the opinion of an expert associated with a leading laser hair removal London clinic, people with dark skin can get a lot of benefits from this treatment. For starters, laser body hair reduction treatment helps people with dark skin to not only reduce body hair in their skin but at the same time, reduce razor bumps. On top of this, people with dark skin will also get respite from hypo-pigmentation and hyperpigmentation.

Hair follicles treated with a laser will not get inflamed – the common after-effect of traditional body hair reduction solutions like shaving and waxing and it can also help people with dark skin to witness an overall improvement to their skin’s texture.

How To Know That You Are The Right Candidate For The Treatment?

  • Dark-skinned people who have black or brown thick, dark and coarse body hair are ideal candidates for this treatment.
  • Laser hair reduction treatment is not suitable for pregnant women

What Are The Best Places On Your Body To Get This Treatment?

Laser body hair reduction treatment is ideal when the person receiving this treatment chooses to get rid of body hair from their –

  • Upper Lip
  • Groin Region
  • Pubic Area
  • Bikini Line
  • Underarms
  • Back And Chest Areas (For Men)
  • Thighs
  •  Legs And Arms 

Tips For People With Dark Skin

There are several tips available for people with dark skin looking forward to a laser body hair reduction treatment.

Some of the most important ones are mentioned below -

  • Before booking an appointment at a leading laser hair removal London clinic, make sure that your skincare routine will not get in the way of the treatment. Consult with your dermatologist at the skin clinic to see if the skincare products you use contain ingredients like salicylic acid.
  • You need to stop shaving your skin well in advance of having the treatment.
  • You make sure that your skin doesn’t have sunburn.
  • Your skin should be clear of any condition such as eczema.
  • Your skin needs to be free of cuts and injuries – especially in the areas where you intend to get the treatment.

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