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Thursday 28 July 2011

Review - Ozbozz Clone Wars Light up Scooter

When we were asked to review the Ozbozz scooter JJ did a whoop for delight when he saw it.  He loves scooters and I love them too, for they have taught my big gangly boy how to balance and using them has bought on his gross motor skills and co-ordination no end.

The scooter is a fabulous choice if you are short on storage space as it folds up so compact, the smallest folding scooter I have seen yet. Even the handlebars fold in. It was also superb for school as JJ could ride it there and then I could fold it super small for carrying back home again.

The Clone Wars styled Ozbozz scooter retails for £29.99 and I believe it is worth every penny.  However, I have discovered it is on special at Toys R Us at the moment for just £24.99! JJ is not  a small lad and it holds his weight perfectly and the handlebar is height adjustable for tall kids like him.  The lights are cool and work well, you need to provide 4 AA batteries though and it provides a sturdy ride.  Here is JJ taking it for a spin!  Watch out for his reason at the end as to why he likes the scooter, lol.  I am such a proud Mum, a boy of so many descriptive words.

Disclaimer:  This is a review post, we were provided with the scooter free of charge to review as part of the Rainbow Awards. All opinions are my own and I remain honest.

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