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Monday 7 November 2011

Review: Morphy Richards Premium Plus Bread Maker

What is better to wake up to in the morning than your house smelling of fresh bread?  Not a lot right?

I have been experiencing this delight over the last few weeks and it has been wonderful. The kids have been super happy too.  A classic white loaf is their favourite whereas I like to have a malted seedy loaf and the beauty of the Morphy Richards Premium Plus Bread Maker is that it can produce any kind of bread product that I fancy and much more besides - pizza dough, pasta, bread rolls, cakes and even jam.  Yes jam, seems a bit strange doesn't it and I have to say I have not yet tried that function out.

Just call it Morphy Richards Corner!

Upon seeing the breadmaker JJ did a happy dance and announced to me that it was great, we would never need to pay for bread again.  If only babe! However a white loaf is definitely cheaper when homemade and of course another benefit is that I know what goes into the bread rather than lots of preservatives that I have no understanding of. A basic 2lb white loaf costs us well under 50p all in.  You can't knock that!  The loaf also lasts well, I chose to keep mine in a canvas bag to keep it fresh.

As a first time user of a breadmaker I have been pleased with this product and the great results it gives, here are my first couple of attempts at using it to make bread-

Malted wholemeal loaf with mixed seeds

Classic white loaf

My hubbie found the machine easy to use whereas I felt a bit overwhelmed by the amount of information that was in the instruction manual.  Everything I needed to know was in there but for me the layout is not as intuitive as it should be. Sadly our manual is already starting to get very dog-eared so I will be printing out another from the Morphy Richards site and laminating it, a bit sad but necessary if I want to try out all 50 odd recipes that the manual contains.  I think my next attempt will be raisin bread, the kids will love that in the morning for breakfast.

There is a fair amount to tell you about this beast of a machine, so I'll do a quick pros and cons list:

The Pros:
  • Chuck all the ingredients into the machine, set the program and off it goes.  It mixes, kneeds, proofs and then cooks all with no effort from me - perfect!
  • 19 different programmes to suit all types of bread and baked products.
  • Variable loaf sizes and variable crust settings - so you can get just the loaf you like.
  • 12 hour delay, so that you can have freshly baked bread upon waking.
  • The baking tin is very easy to remove and clean.  The loaf also slips out easily once cooked.
  • Fruit and nut dispenser to ensure that your baked product has a well spread mix of contents.
  • Easy view window on the top, so you can watch what the machine is doing.  The kids love this - it is nearly as entertaining as the TV!
  • Over 50 recipes in the instruction manual.
  • Well priced bread for a premium product.
  • No dashing to the shops as you are out of bread!
  • Easy wipe clean, no smear stainless steel exterior, looks stylish.
  • Cool touch exterior, making it safe to leave cooking around my children whilst I am out of the room.
and the Cons:
  • A very large piece of kitchen equipment, also fairly heavy but as are most things that cook!
  • The instruction manual takes a lot of working through.  You need to have a good read through it and then trial and error will help you to find the best recipes for you.
  • The electronic programmer has a dull display which can be really hard to see, especially when the sun is shining in. It is also not that obvious as to which part of the program you are setting.  I have to follow the manual each time, I am sure with more use I would get to know it better.
  • Not sure this is really a con but something I did not expect.  The mixing paddle stays in the loaf while it bakes and then you have to cut it out once removed from the baking tin. Thus leaving a hole in the bottom of the loaf - see the paddle still in there:
Mixing paddle baked into the bread!
You can buy the Morphy Richards Premium Plus Bread Maker HERE, it retails for £139.99 and has a 2 year guarantee.

Disclaimer:  I was provided with the breadmaker free of charge as part of the Innovators program.  I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.

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