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Saturday 7 January 2012

Review: The Polar Express DVD

I don't think I have quite accepted yet that Christmas is over! Whilst I am enjoying being back to normal and having the chaos cleared out of my house I still love to watch Christmas movies.

So I had a very enjoyable 96 minutes a couple of days ago in bed on my own, watching The Polar Express. I had not watched this film before so when I received it as part of a Christmas present bundle from Warner Bros. I was super pleased! It is a G for general viewing and I can imagine all five of us sitting down next year to watch it together in the run up to Christmas.

It really is a very magical film. The animation is amazing and so different to many other animated films that have been released in recent years but in a beautifully mystical way.  I cannot even start to explain how much the film captivates you and draws you in, making you want to watch it the whole way through. An animated Tom Hanks is the conductor on board the Polar Express, which is a magical train that rides to the North Pole each Christmas Eve loaded with children. The four central children characters are excellent with their own very prominent and unique personalities and you watch them grow and change as they take this roller-coaster journey.

If you don't believe in the magic of Christmas before this film you certainly will afterwards.  I will happily recommend this as a family movie which will appeal to the adults just as much as the children (maybe even more so!). This is not your typical Christmas feel good film full of humour and pranks but that for me was a welcome change.

Amazon have some great deals on The Polar Express now and there is even a 3D version on Blu-ray too, which you could buy for £14.99.


Disclosure:  This is a review post.

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