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Sunday 3 June 2012

Review: Moxie Girlz Glitterin' Style

For weeks Miss M has been informing me that she wants a Moxie Girlz Glitterin' Style doll and like I do with most things, I have said 'yes, yes ask me at your birthday, we'll see'. So imagine the cute little whoop of delight that she let out when Miss Moxie arrived over a month before her birthday.

The 10" Moxie doll is sturdy with movable limbs, beautiful soft, long hair that you can style and a trendy outfit and that's all fab but what Miss M had been mesmerised by are the stickers and the glitter. You receive a sheet of double sided stickers that you can peel one side off and coat with brightly coloured glitter and then use the stickers to decorate the Moxie dolls hair, outfit, accessory or anywhere else you fancy.  You can imagine that my near 5 year old got quite excited and Miss Moxie was covered head to toe.

I did need to supervise Miss M playing with this toy due to her age and some of the stickers were a bit tricky to get off the backing paper, but a slightly older child would have no problem I am sure. It probably only took Miss M about an hour in total to rip the doll out of its box and to decorate all the (25 odd) stickers and to paste them about, so at first I wondered if this toy was a bit expensive at around £14.99 but then after a short break she then came back and grabbed her Moxie Girl and headed off to play with her and since then it has been played with regularly.  So unlike many craft toys that are played with once and then discarded, this toy has lasted play value and that is a winner with me.

Also I expect an older child may decorate their doll with 4 or 5 stickers and then change them another day, so it would last for a few crafty play occasions.  I was very pleased to see that the glitter comes in little applicators and you just simply snip the end off and the mess stays contained - result!  This does mean though that if you wanted to store the glitter for another day you would have to either keep the tubes upright or perhaps pop a bit of sellotape on the end.

There are various dolls available, all with different hair colour, skin tone and outfit.  I assume it was a fluke but Miss M was super impressed to receive Avery who has white blond hair, just like Miss M herself. 'We are twins mummy!'.

I can safely say that this toy has been a hit with Miss M, I have a jealous Miss E who wants one as well and it also passes the mummy test as it encourages creativity without being messy and also the clothes on the doll are not too revealing like they are on many modern girls dolls.

I am having a bit of trouble with my camera, I think it might have gone to camera heaven, so to show you what the doll is all about have a watch of this brief youtube video.

Disclaimer:  We received this doll free of charge for the purposes of this review, I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.

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