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Sunday 10 February 2013

Review: Chiquitos Mexican Restaurant

Its always good to have a night out with your husband and I have to be honest it is not something I do so often anymore. It is all too easy to get in the habit of staying in and sitting in the same room but without really being together.  So it made a very welcome change to get a night out, just dh and I.  No kids and not even any talk of the kids - just us being adults and chatting about what is going on in our lives and the things we hope may happen very soon.

So what prompted us to get out and remember 'us time' is important too?  Well Chiquitos approached me and asked if I'd like a date night and how could I say no to that? So we got dh's Mum to babysit and got the kids primed up to be good for Nanny and off we went nice and early - might as well make the most of our time off!

We arrived at the Hatfield Chiquito restaurant about 7.15pm on a Friday night and it was already heaving, I was quite surprised as I thought we might have beaten the crowd but at that time there was lots of families enjoying a meal together and I noticed there were two kids menus for differing appetites. Note to remember for the future.

Our greeting was good on arrival and we were immediately shown to a table. I have to be honest and say the tables were a little closer together than I would have liked and due to being on a table for two I was put off ordering the fajitas as I wondered how on earth they would fit everything on the table. Despite this we had a really good meal and were very happy with our time out at Chiquito.

We were served by Vasilis and she was very friendly and efficient, checking our food was OK and would we like more drinks. We really liked the free popcorn on arrival, a nice little extra when we sat down. I found the menu a little daunting if I am honest, there was so much there and I fancied it all. The plus side is that you could come to the same restaurant again and again and never get bored. In the end dh and I decided to order different things so we could try a bit of each.

We went for a full three course meal each and had 2 soft drinks each and the bill came to just under £55 so it was not a particularly cheap night out but we did enjoy it very much.  The food was well cooked, tasty and portion sizes were generous.

The sizzling specials on the new menu were really appealing so I went for the chicken skewers and it was superb, I most definitely will want to order that again next time.

Take a look at what we had -

Disclosure: We received a £50 voucher for the purposes of this review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.

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