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Friday 24 October 2014

Review - Kids Stuff Crazy Soap Products

I was very pleased to be sent some Kids Stuff Crazy Soap products for review as my children have had the shake and sparkle bath foam before and really liked the smell and sparkle in the bottle.

This time the big hit was the green crazy soap foaming soap.  It comes in a 225ml can which seemed to last a really long time and squirts out just like hair mouse but it has a much better consistency than hair mouse for playing with. Squirt it out, leave it to solidify for about 30 seconds and then as long as you keep it out the water you can mould the foam and change its shape, of course you are not going to be able to make anything intricate but it was easy to make a ball or cube. Once in the water it starts to break down and if you use lots it will make the bath water green too, another reason for the kids to squeal with delight. I really liked the apple smell too, very fresh and not at all sickly like some.

The foam is available for £2.00 currently on Boots and I think that is a fabulous price.

The girls especially also liked the red body paint that we received. I was a little worried about this as it is very bright and I thought the grout in the tiles might get discoloured but I need not have worried as it went on easily with the sponge and then washed off well. There can be a bit of residue in the bath but nothing a good old wash does not get rid of. The body paints come in a 150ml tube and this really does go far, literally dozens of baths and that was with the girls painting each other.

All the Crazy soap products are designed for children and are thus gentle on the skin with a PH balanced formula, they are also paraben and SLES free.  My daughter Miss E sometimes suffers with eczema and there has been no signs after using these products.

We also received a pack of 3 fizzy bath tints and we have not used these as yet.  I have put them away as a Christmas present for Miss E as I know she will love them.  You drop one in the bath and they fizz up, smell fruity and tint the bath colour. I have enough trust in the Crazy soap brand to know they will perform wonderfully.

You can find Kids Stuff Crazy Soap on both Facebook and Twitter, so you can keep up to date with all their latest news and I'd highly recommend these products as great stocking fillers for your kids.

Disclosure: We received these products free of charge for the purpose of this review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.

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