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Saturday 3 January 2015

Review: Karcher Car Interior Cleaning Kit

I've been very lucky to try out and review lots of Karcher products over the last year. One of my favourites has been the MV3P Multi Vac cleaner, which I am using most days to clean the house. It really does have superb suction and is so light for such a large volume cleaner.

I also use this cleaner for doing the car but I'll be honest and say that does not happen very often as my car is my one slobbish area of life. I do despair of my car though as it gets absolutely filthy, my three kids don't seem able to keep their pens in their pencil cases, their crumbs in their packets or even put their packets in the bin!

Life has got a bit easier though as Karcher sent me their car interior cleaning kit to use with my multi-vac. The kit includes an extension suction tube, a long narrow attachment, a hard flat attachment, a soft brush, a hard brush, a chamois and a duster. At £57.99 this kit is not cheap at all but after using it today I am convinced of its value.

I hate cleaning the car and find it normally takes ages as the regular vacuum end takes so long to pick anything up but with all my attachments the time really was cut. Now I realise that makes me sound like one of those rubbish TV adverts trying to sell you things but honestly they are good. I used the hard brush on the chairs and this easily cleared off crumbs and sand that were loitering, I used the long thin attachment for between the seats and under the chairs where I cannot normally reach and my favourite attachment is the wide (but narrow gap) hard attachment that I can do the boot and car floor with. This made easy work of getting up dog hairs and also all the ground in dirt that has been on the floor for a number of months!

Miss M came to help me clean the car and everything was very easy for a 7 year old to use too, she was happy cleaning and it was not hard work for her. She was switching the attachment heads herself in no time.

Take a look at the difference in this foot well, the cleaning kit really did make easy work of cleaning it up -

There is something in the kit to clean all aspects of the car - chamois for the windows, soft brush to do the tricky air vents and such on the dashboard and a micro cloth for the rest of the dashboard/ interior. The brushes and attachments I've already mentioned are really decent quality plastic and bristle and I think they will last quite some time.

I did genuinely like this car cleaning accessory kit, I'm very glad to have it and I can see it being used a lot (well as much as I clean the car anyway) but I have to be honest and say the price is a bit heavy for me. The best I could find it for was £52.08 on Amazon but thinking about it the multi-vac itself was an excellent price and the basic model is as low as £69.99 and combine that to the £57.99 RRP and you do have a good vac with excellent accessories for a very reasonable price.

Thanks so much Karcher, it has been great to work with you this year as an ambassador.

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