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Sunday 12 July 2015

Did you realise that Morrisons sells Children's Clothes?

Last year I was asked to review some school uniform from Morrisons and I have to be honest now and confess that I didn't hold up much hope.  I thought the clothes wouldn't last very long as they are really quite cheap price wise. Here I am a year later though and the girls are still wearing their Morrisons Nutmeg range uniform that they were sent in August 2014 and I have bought more to go with it.  The white polo shirts are probably my favourite ones as when you wash and tumble them they do not require any ironing and have kept their shape very well and the trousers that Miss M wore then got too small and passed over to Miss E and she loves them. Whereas more expensive school trousers seem to have fiddly flower shaped buttons that Miss E can not handle, these she loves with their chunky hook and eye type fastening and cute bows on the pockets.

The cardigans have stayed in shape and not shrunk at all, despite tumble drying. The only thing is the colour has slightly faded on the button band but after a years wear I'd expect that. The plimsolls were brilliant and didn't wear much on the bottoms and we were able to pass them on when they became too small.

We've received some more uniform recently that we are happily trying out too and Miss M particularly loves her lycra cycling shorts concealed in a little PE skirt. The girls are even wearing a school cardie but in red (blue is their school colour) for casual as they like them so much and the prices are so fabulous, I can't say no.

As Summer has arrived Morrisons have sent me an impromptu hamper, which was super kind of them and quite unexpected. We received a beautiful hot pink beach towel that Miss E has claimed as her own, some sun lotion (which sprays on coloured so the girls can do it themselves) a mini fan, a sticky ball game and a pretty elephant print t-shirt which is possibly the softest material I have ever felt.

They also gifted me £20 in vouchers, which I was happy to spend on some clothes for the girls from theNutmeg range. They needed new leggings so I bought two packs of those at £6 for a 2 pack and also a stunning white cotton cardie, which was just £8. Just take a look at the girls and see how great they look in the Nutmeg clothes. Thanks so much Morrisons.

Disclosure: I received a hamper and a £20 voucher.  There was no expectation for me to blog about this but I was very happy with the goods received.


  1. I need to get my boy his first school uniform soon, I'll definitely take a look in Morrisons! xx

  2. We love Morrisons clothes, I just wish we had a closer store

  3. I have to admit I didn't know - this is very cool and makes shopping so easy when you can pick a few things up during your weekly shop. x

  4. Yes I have seen their clothes and the quality looks really good !


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