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Monday 23 January 2017

You have to see Sing Movie #SingMovie

My girls doing karaoke to the Sing soundtrack on Saturday night before we saw the movie on Sunday

Don't let your fear stop you doing what you love!

This is probably my favourite line from the movie and to be honest spending £37 for the five of us to see it will be well worth every penny if my kids take this sentiment with them into adulthood. I think we often miss out on things we would enjoy and even love as we allow ourselves to be held back by a fear or the unknown. We all need to embrace the unknown sometimes and remember 'what is the worst that can happen?' The worst case scenario is never really that bad, is it?

You don't expect to come out of a family movie with a big life statement like that but that is what I love about films aimed at all the family nowadays. They have the innocent story line, the fun characters, the amazing graphics but also the humour and depth to reach the adult audience too.

SING is a fabulous movie, with a rating of U and a run time of 1 hour and 50 minutes. If you like watching things like The Voice, Britain's Got Talent and the X Factor then you'll love this movie. The singing talent in it is amazing, who knew that Reese Witherspoon could sing like that? And I had no idea who the American singer Tori Kelly was before watching this but now both my girls and I are mesmerised by her stunning voice.

I think my favourite character had to be the very dapper koala Buster Moon as I have a not-so-secret crush on Matthew McConaughey who voices him and whilst I might not be able to see Matthew in the film, that beautiful southern lilt is so unique to him and makes my heart melt.

There is something in the film for everyone, our whole family went to see it and my 13 year old son said he was surprised how funny it was and 'so much better than I expected Mum, a bit like Shrek as it has loads of adult funny bits in it'.

SING is certainly one of those films that we will be watching again when it comes out on DVD, it is sure to become a classic family movie like Toy Story, Happy Feet or Madagascar.

SING has gained a 70% fresh tomato score on Rotten Tomatoes and all the critics seem to agree that Illuminate Pictures (the film animators behind Despicable Me, Minions, The Lorax and Secret Life of Pets to name just a few) have again made a fabulous tale

Have a look at the trailer yourself and see if this film might be for your family. I'm sure it will!

Have fun, Mich x

Oh and just in case you are interested here are my couple of loons having fun with Taylor Swifts 'Shake it Off'.

Disclosure: We wee sent a karaoke pack for us to enjoy as a family to celebrate the release of SING at the cinema.


  1. OMG those baseball jackets are amazing. Amy would totally flip out if she'd see this. She LOVED the movie and so did I. The soundtrack was fab. I really had to stop myself from bursting into song in the cinema. Which one was your favourite character? x

    1. The jackets are fab, aren't they. I love Rosalita the singing pig, so cool!

  2. That looks fun and i'll have to make a note for a future weekend!

  3. My dad loves thinks like ice age, so thought he might appreciate it. Still to see it though! Sounds like it is for anyone to watch though 😊 x

    1. Yep definitely one for all ages, loads of laughs.

  4. I've heard a lot of great things about this movie, I must see it!

  5. Oh we really want to see this and I look forward to when we do! Sylvia loves movies like this.

  6. I've been seeing the trailer for this at the cinema for such a long time, so glad it's finally out! We're off to see it this weekend and I can't wait!


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