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Wednesday 25 March 2020

Review - Azul Board Game: Great Fun for all the Family

Azul board game

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During this Coronavirus lockdown, we have been so lucky to have a new game to play. I was first introduced to the board game, Azul (#ad) in February when I played it with a few friends and I was hooked from the start. It seems to retail for around £32 - £35 but I came across a brand new copy on eBay for £12 so I was very chuffed with that. Read on for our Azul review -

Azul is suitable for 2 - 4 players and adapts well to whichever number of players we've tried it with. I think 2 player is probably my favourite though as the gameplay is quicker and feels more exhilarating. It says it is suitable for ages 8 plus, but our friends have it too and they play with their 6 and 8-year-old daughters, so the concept is quite easy to grasp, but they may just need a little help with the scoring.

Azul board game set up

The box contains:
100 Resin Tiles
4 Player boards
9 Factory displays
4 Scoring markers
1 Starting player resin tile
1 Linen bag
1 Rulebook

The aim of Azul is to score the most points by placing various coloured tiles onto your game board, over a number of rounds. It sounds simple but there is actually a little more to it than that, the skill is in deciding which tile/s to pick up each turn and where to put them to gain the advantage against your opponent/s.

Set-up is super easy and the instructions are clear and give all the details you need. My 12-year-old twins had it mastered after one game and have played it dozens of times since. My 16-year-old has also joined them a few times to play and he plays a more cunning and devious game, as he likes to strategise and project where others might want to go. It is certainly more challenging when he is playing.

The quality of the board and tiles is really good. They are sturdy and feel like they will last a very long time. You get a large bag with the tiles, to hide them whilst you deal them out at the beginning of each round and that it is a bit flimsy and has already lost one of its strings in the first week. I really can't moan though, given the £12 price tag I paid.

Azul has only been on the board game market since 2017 and in 2018 it won the Spiel des Jahres award, making ti the board game of the year, a highly coveted accolade in the board gaming world. This seal of approval means that board gamers the world over agree with me and find it a fabulous fun game for all ages. That engages but is easy to learn and play.

Gameplay takes about 30-40 minutes and again that makes it very easy to play, or you may get hooked like us and still be playing 3 or 4 games down the line. There is also a more freestyle version of the game on the back of the game boards, but we haven't tried that as yet.

As I just had a look on Amazon I was pretty excited to see there are two newer versions of Azul as well - Azul Stained Glass and Azul Summer Pavilion, so I know what I might be buying if this lockdown goes on for too long!

(#ad) Azul is currently for sale on Amazon for £37.36

Azul game tiles

If you want a good instructional video on how to play Azul, rather than reading the instruction booklet, have a watch of this one, it is clear, concise and very accurate.

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  1. We're always looking for new games to add to family games night - I've not heard of this one before but one we might enjoy

    1. I hadn't heard of it before but it is totally addictive and I like that is spans across all ages.

  2. Those tiles are beautiful and it sounds like such a fun game. We've been playing a few board games just to beat the boredom a bit x

    1. Yes, it is certainly asethically pleasing to play.

  3. We love board games, I have not heard of this game before but sounds like fun. Great for while we are all isolating x

    1. Yes, we certainly need some new ideas while we are stuck indoors indefinitley.

  4. Azul is one of my favourite boardgames and one that is on my to buy list. I think it is such a beautiful and easy to play game that it is one the whole family can enjoy. (Laura | Tales Of A Natural Spoonie)

    1. Exactly, it goes across all ages really well and at the £12 I paid, a total bargain too!

  5. This looks like an interesting game, we are on the search for some fun things for the kids to keep them occupied

    1. Yes, got to try and keep it interesting at the moment.

  6. We’re big fans of board games in our family. Especially great for the moment during lockdown.

    1. Yes, we've been playing a lot and I am loving it. Next to master is Catan.


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