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Wednesday 28 July 2021

Finding Freedom with Modibodi Period Pants

{This is a review post, we received these pants in exchange for an honest review}

As someone who has seriously suffered with her periods over the last decade, I really wish I had known about Modibodi. It is a brand designed by mum Kristy, offering period, pee and sweatproof underwear - knickers, bras, camis, active leggings and swimwear. 

I introduced my teenage girls to their period pants about a year ago and it was interesting to see the response I got. The one with the heavier periods was on board from the start and excited to see if the knickers could stop us from having to change her sheets frequently and the other one just looked at them and declared them old people, ugly granny pants! She's now having a change of heart when she saw how well they are working for her twin and she asked me to get some knickers for her too. So now I have two converts in the house!

Thankfully my periods seem to have gone away, thanks to my second TCRE operation in January this year so I had assumed I had no need for Modibodi pants anymore, but actually, I'm now seeing a pelvic health specialist about those little 'opps' moments and realising that I probably ought to get myself some Modibodi pants to try out too. It will be far more comfortable than having to wear pads all the time. 

Sustainable Agenda

Talking of pads, who realised that it takes 500 - 800 years for a pad to biodegrade. I had no idea it was quite as bad as that, so moving to a reuable product like Modibodi pants can really make a big difference as each woman will use around 11,000 single-use sanitary products in her life and if you're a heavy bleeder like I was then it would be far more. Modibodi is serious about sustainability and making a difference.

Variety of Styles

There are a whole range of different style knickers and a variety of absorbancies too. Personally, I think my favourite style is the sensual high-leg as they look and feel like a regular pair of knickers but my girls like the thong and the boyleg designs. As well as the full brief being super comfortable and giving the best peace of mind for overnight wearing when you are on your heaviest days.

You can see in the pictures below that the absorbent part of the knickers is black and inside, but from the outside when you are wearing the knickers no one will know that they are period pants. The gusset area is just 3mm thick and feels super soft.

The absorbancies available are -

  • Heavy/overnight absorbancy (these hold around 3-4 tampons/ 4 teaspoons/ 20ml of liquid)
  • Moderate/ heavy absorbancy (these hold around 2-3 tampons, 3 teaspoons/ 15mls of liquid) 
  • Light/ moderate absorbency (these hold around 2 tampons/ 2 teasponns/ 10mls of liquid)
  • Super light absorbency (these hold around1 tampon/ 1 teaspoon/ 5mls of liquid)
  • Moisture wicking (absorbing moisture droplets)
The heavy/ overnight full briefs we received retail for £25.50 each and the classic bikini for £22.00, but there is a huge variety of price points, starting from £14 for a superlight absorbency thong.

New for this Summer

I really like that Modibodi as a brand never seems to rest on its laurels, there is always something new being introduced. In July there was various new prints and colours released, like the black and pink you see above, this is 'strength' and ti has been designed in a collaboration with designer Keisha Leon. The pale blue above is also new for this summer and is Mykonos colour. I think it is great that Modibodi is getting away from the assumption that you have to wear dark colours when on your period. 

There is also a new maternity and postpartum range, which is fabulous. Just imagine how much use a leak proof bar would have been to me when I was breastfeeding twins!

Looking after your ModiBodi Products

To keep your ModiBodi pants looking at their best and remaining fully absorbant you need to follow the care instructions carefully. 
  1. Rinse in cold water after use, until the water runs clear.
  2. Pop your pants in a delicates bag and put them in the machine on a cold wash. Don't use any fabric conditioner.
  3. Line or airer dry them, do not put them in the tumble dryer.
and that's it. Super simple and totally manageable.

Extra Plus Points

  • Free shipping for all UK orders
  • 60 day risk free trial forall new customers, so you can see what the hype is about and if the pants aren't for you, it was a cost and risk free investment
  • 10% discount with studentbeans or youth discount
  • Massive range of sizes from UK 4 to 26, so they cater to all shapes
  • Striving to end period poverty and as such they are donating 100,000 pairs of knickers

As you can tell, we really like the Modibodi products and I'm sure we'll be getting more in the future and recommending them to friends. 

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  1. I've had the implant for the past 10 or so years so don't really get regular periods, but I have been thinking about getting it removed and I don't think I'm prepared to get them back. I love the idea of pants though as I think they'd be so much more comfortable x

    1. Yes, I bet it would be a bit of a shockm to have your periods back after 10 years. I must say I am really enjoying not having them.

  2. These products sounds great! I have been considering trying some period pants now that I am having them again so might have to pick up some ModiBodi ones.


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