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Saturday 6 November 2021

Perfect Personalised Christmas Gifts from ASDA Photo

I love giving personalised gifts for presents to my family. Sometimes you're just not too sure what to get someone as it feels as if they already have everything but who doesn't love photos of their nearest and dearest?

I've used ASDA Photo quite a few times over the years on both gifted projects and ones I've paid for as I know their quality and trust their products. Here, I have rounded up some of the items that I have made as there is such a great variety available nowadays. I hope this helps you to choose something suitable for someone you love. 

ASDA Photo Cushion - £26.00

I've made a few cushions over the years and the ASDA one is by far the best. Miss M just created one for herself this year and it isn't what I'd have chosen but it suits her personality and makes her smile, so that is what is important. I wasn't sure how well it would turn out as she used lower quality photos than ASDA recommends but actually it is fine. See below -

The images are not anywhere near as crisp as Miss E's cushion below, as I used much higher quality ones when I made that cushion. Miss E has had this cushion for over 3 years now and it is still in perfect condition, despite her sleeping with it each night. She really loves it and the suede martial is so soft to the touch. The size is 25" x 14.5"  and the cover is removable for washing at 30 degrees.

ASDA Photo Blanket - £45.00

If you like a classic fleece feel blanket then this one is for you. It comes in a variety of colours and also ways you can have your photos, either a combination like mine or just one larger photo.  I went for the 57" X 37" size photo blanket, which is big enough to snuggle with on the sofa and to sit well on a single bed. There are two smaller sizes too.

The photo/s are on one side and the other is a plain colour of your choosing. We went for black as it matches our cat and helped the photos to pop. The material is 285gsm fleece and it is nice and soft, with a traditional stitch around the outer edge, which makes it look hand-finished. Thankfully the blanket is machine washable, so we can keep it hygienic when our cat decides it really is his blanket!!

ASDA Personalised Kitchen Calendar - £9.00

Each year I make my mum a personalised photo calendar with pictures of her grandchildren and she loves it. The range of prices for slim kitchen calendars can really vary but £9.00 is a very good price. You can customise the calendar how you fancy with just one picture to a page or multiple ones. It is 13cm x 30cm, so slightly smaller than some others I have bought before, but the pages are a good quality paper and I'm happy with the print quality too.

Personalised Beach Towel - £37.00

We went for a large size towel - 160 x 80cm and it is really generous. As with the blankets, there is a whole range of colours and designs for you to choose from. We made our towel for Mothers Day with wildlife photos that my husband had taken, so it is unique for him. The photos are printed edge to edge, so it looks very professional.

The towel is 400gsm towel material and it feels very soft and plush on one side where it is printed and then the other side is like a more traditional terry towelling material. It washes up super well at 30 degrees and has not lost any colour at all. I also tumble dry it and it tolerates that well too. We're very pleased with it. 

Personalised Glass Chopping Board - £24.00

I've had a few glass chopping boards before and I really like them, as they are hardy for chopping on and easy to keep hygenic. The glass is toughened and heatproof so it can be used for oven-hot dishes. |The photo goes from edge to edge, or you can choose to have a variety of photos.

The chopping board is 39 x 29cm, so it is well bg enough for your everyday needs. I leave mine down on the side as a decorative item too. It has 4 anti-slip feet that keep your board sturdy whilst you prepare your foot.

Personalised Thank You Cards - £12.00

I nearly always order a pack of personalised thank you cards to send after Christmas as I like my kids to send their thanks, but realistically they are now at the age where none of them is interested to sit down and write a load of cards and this makes things very easy. 

Our thanks get sent and our relatives are able to receive an up to date photo of our family too. I think these flat (postcard style) cards are great value at £12 for 20. So that is 60p each. The cards are personalised on both sides with your photo and text and you received envelopes too. 

This is just a small selection of the wonderful gifts available on ASDA Photo, why not take a look and see what else they have on offer?

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  1. What a lovely selection of personalized gift items! The personalized kitchen calendar would probably be my favourite.

    1. It is a classic and you can use so many photos in it too.

  2. I love making personalised gifts at Christmas, I usually make my mum a calendar too!

    1. It's that generation, they are used to putting everything on the calendar! lol


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