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Thursday 23 December 2010

Clifford James Men's Leather Slippers - Review

I was given the opportunity to review some slippers and being the giving kind of girl that I am, I thought I would offer them to to my hubbie (dh).  So I had a look through the slipper web pages on Clifford James and I knew for sure that the ones he would love were these leather and suede mules.  Years ago dh had a pair like this and he was gutted when they wore out. Since then I have not really been able to find a pair that were similar, real leather and a reasonable price.  These ones retail at £19.99 and I think that is fabulous value for them.

I ordered the slippers and they arrived very well packaged and in great condition.  I was immediately pleased.  There was just one snag, when they arrived they were a size 7 and not an 11.  I mentioned this to the friendly people at Clifford James and they were apologetic and offered me an exchange immediately......  but do you know what?  7 is my size and I had already slipped my feet into them. It must be over a week now since they arrived and I have not taken them off.

Beautifully packaged in their own individual bags

I am a complete girlie girl and never did I think I would be wearing men's slippers but they are ultra comfortable with a beautiful suede interior.  They also have a thick and sturdy sole so I have been able to nip down to the shed in them (in the snow!).  I am completely happy with these slippers and can see no downside to them.  Dh has even hinted that a pair for him would not go a miss.  Now how twee will we be with Mr and Ms slippers?

I checked out the Clifford James web today and I can see they are having a sale, so go and look for yourself.  What bargains can you find?

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