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Sunday 26 December 2010

Our Family Recommends: Waitrose Profiteroles

Being Boxing day we had my family over and they are great lovers of creamy desserts, so I thought I would get soem profiteroles in.  No, I do not do the domestic goddess bake everything from scratch here, sorry!

I normally buy M&S profiteroles and the fresh ones but they were costing about £10 this Christmas so I left them and I am so glad I did.  For at Waitrose I bought 2 boxes of 18 profiteroles for £5.00 for the two. They were frozen but having had frozen desserts from Waitrose I knew we were likely to be talking a quality product rather than an Iceland bargain!

They were excellent.  You got separate chocolate sauce and plenty of it and the 36 profiteroles fed 8 of us in total.  So that was £5.00 for 8 desserts, you can not say fairer value than that!

I'll let you judge for yourself whether my twins liked them!
This is a family recommendation and that means we are sharing with you things that our family like and will use again. We received nothing for free and Waitrose have no idea I am posting this!


  1. Oh, I do like a nice profiterole (or 2!). I've never had any luck making them, so might just have to buy a box to test them out!


  2. Go for it, you won't be dissapointed. Mich x


Thanks for your comment, I will respond real soon. Mich x