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Monday 28 February 2011

Copella Apple Juice Cartons Review

I love apple juice, not the clear kind that is made from concentrate and costs but a few pence but real cloudy freshly pressed from apples, apple juice and this is exactly what Copella make....  and make exceedingly well too.

I was sent a 4 pack of their new cartons or wedges as they call them (think the shape of Innocent smoothie drinks) to test out and they were gone in literally minutes.  It is normally only me who drinks apple juice in this house but when the kids saw me with one they all wanted one too and everyone agreed they were fabulous.  That included Miss M who normally will only drink water or milk and while I know some Mums would kill to have a child who just asks for water all the time it is good to get some real fruit in her too.

The wedges are 180ml and a good size for a school lunch or picnic.  Each wedge provides 1 of your 5 a day and I love the fact that all the apples used to produce this juice are grown in the UK and hand picked and pressed at their farm in Suffolk.  It is wonderful to support a British company.

So we will be buying these again, not every day as they are a tad pricey for that (£2.49 for 4 wedges) but as a pic nic treat most definitely they will make it on to my shopping list.

This is a review post.  I was sent a 4 pack of apple juice to review. I was not instructed what to write, these words are my own and I remain honest.

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