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Wednesday 16 February 2011

Honest Mummy Recommends K Shoes & Boots

I have an admission for you, you probably do not even want to know this....  but you know what they say, it is good to share!  I have horrid feet, the are big and wide, the nails are not nice and they get very pongy!  (ohh my, why am I putting this out there? lets call it therapy!) Also, I don't know if it is because I am overweight but my feet get really achy, I can not wear gorgeous hooker heels, I have to be sensible and in the past often sensible has meant lack of style, cost the earth and boring, but not so anymore...

I have found some shoes and boots which make the world of difference to me.  It is those made by K shoes from Clarks.  Yes, you know the ones, the ones your Grandma used to buy, complete with velcro fastening fronts but it is not all like that anymore.  They still do the granny shoes but nowadays they also do a great range of comfy but stylish shoes for younger women, like me!  Yay

Those are my gorgeous boots that I bought in the January sales.  They originally retailed at £89.99 and I got them for £59 which I was very pleased with for soft leather knee high boots. Just look at that soft fleecy interior, I kid you not, these are a dream to wear.

The thing that is superb (for me) about K shoes is that they come in E and EE fit, so that is wide and extra wide to the uninitiated. Also, I have heard many of my larger friends moaning that knee high boots do not fit round their calves when they buy them in standard ladies shoe shops, but it seems that as K boots are made for wide fit they take this into account as the size around my calf is very roomy.

I am super happy with my K boots and I also had some ballet pumps and court shoes for work as well, so I am completely happy to recommend these.

As this is a recommendation post, I was not asked or paid to write this post.  I just like to pass on my good finds.

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