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Monday 11 April 2011

Review of Morphy Richards Meno Milk Frother & Special Offer

How do you feel about cappuccino or a nice frothy cup of hot chocolate just like you get in Costa?  Yep, I love them too and therefore when I received the new Meno milk frother from Morphy Richards I was pretty chuffed.

This mini kettle (the Meno) has made friends with it's big brother in my kitchen and is sitting along side him making me divine drinks each evening.  For I am being strict with myself and just having them on an evening.  It could be quite dangerous (without even having to mention the word addictive), if I start to drink milky drinks all the time I know that a tubby like me will pile on the pounds!

The Meno milk frother is capable of making hot frothy milk for things like cappuccino and hot chocolate (or babyccino as my kids love) as well as cold milkshake drinks. It is very easy to use, pour in the milk, twist and lock the lid and press the button, a couple of minutes later and you have perfect forth, be it hot or cold.  I have to say the heat and froth function is my favourite.  Just take a look at this picture, the froth is great, it stays really firm and makes for a fabulous drink

I have to say that in all honesty I was not as impressed with the milkshake function which froths the cold drink.  It was not as frothy and bubbly as I might have expected but was still good. Actually JJ told me it was excellent, so what do I know?

Once you have used the milk frother it is actually really easy to clean.  None of it can be immersed in water so it is just a case of washing with hot water, a mild detergent and a soft cloth.  It took seconds literally.

The Milk Frother retails at £59.99 from Morphy Richards but if you fancy buying one then you can have a 30% discount when you use the following code MFH6030 and purchase direct from the Morphy Richards site prior to 6th May 2011.  Just enter the code at the check out stage.

That takes the cost down to £42.00 and if you consider that the hot froth gives you a drink as good as you get when you buy from Costa or such it will have paid for itself in no time!!

You might have seen that I reviewed a Morphy Richard Comfrigrip iron on my other blog over the last few weeks (in fact I am running a giveaway for that very iron right now!) and that review has been posted on the Morphy Richards Home of the House Proud site. This is an excellent site; there are loads of giveaways, a wonderful archive of slow cooker recipes and you can even enter the World Championships in Ironing, you know if that's your kind of thing! lol

This is a review post.  I was sent this item free of charge for the purposes of this review.  I was not instructed what to write and I remain honest.


  1. Sounds interesting but as with all this sort of gadget I'm afraid that I would use it a couple of times and then it would be consigned to the cupboard!

  2. Yes that can be the thing. You just have to invest in the ones you know you will love. I showed my Mum this today and she adored it but then as a cappucinno queen I expect it will gte used a lot by her!

    Mich x


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