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Saturday 9 April 2011

My new favourite Crackers, made by Ryvita (Review)

I am not sure how much I can tell you about some crackers, except to say that these Ryvita crackers (the golden Rye variety) have taken over as my favourite snack with some cheese, ideally creamy Stilton or I'll make do with some cheddar if that is all that is going.

Recently I was lucky enough to be sent 2 boxes of these new Ryvita crackers, both the black pepper variety and the golden rye. Within the larger box they are packaged in a very handy little packet of 6 crackers, so when you open them you always get perfectly crisp crackers to eat.  I hate it when crackers go a bit soft and lose that crunch.  Normally I am a multi grain or poppy seed cracker kind of girl, I like a bit of taste and crunch rather than just boring original cream crackers and these new Ryvita ones did not disappoint at all.  I found that the black pepper ones were not my cup of tea but hubbie liked them and I just adored the golden rye variety.  These most definately will be added to my weekly shopping list as a regular item.

This is what Ryvita say about them - Light and airy crackers with a distinctive crispy crunch. Made with wholegrain rye, Ryvita crackers are low in fat and high in fibre.  Suitable for vegetarians.  Each cracker is 27 kcals.

These crackers are available now from good food retailers and have a recommended retail price of £1.25 for a 175g box.

This is a review post, I was sent a cheese and cracker hamper and asked to try the Ryvita crackers and feedback. I was under no obligation to post a review but after enjoying the product I wanted to share my good find with you.  I remain honest.

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