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Monday 7 May 2012

Vosene's New Shampoo Range

Last year I worked with Vosene on the launch of their new lice prevention children's range and I can honestly say that my family still uses these products over a year later, we are strong fans of the nit free range now and the detangler is a godsend.

I had a nice surprise in the post the other day when 3 full-size bottles of Vosene shampoo arrived with me. We were sent a bottle of the original anti-dandruff protection shampoo, frequent use anti-dandruff shampoo and silver care shampoo.  I got a bit worried at first as to why I was being sent a silver care shampoo and then I saw it was for blond hair too to help avoid brassy locks - fabulous.

I have used the silver care one so far and really like it, the actual shampoo is a gorgeous purple colour (yes I know, I am so shallow), it has a pleasing smell and lathers up well but not so much that it get everywhere.  My hair felt really clean afterwards and was manageable. I also like the new styling to the bottles, very cute.

I have not tried the frequent use one yet but dh has and I have to say it smells divine, so that is next on my hit list. The Vosene products are available to buy in all good supermarkets and chemists and the RRP is £1.89 for 250ml, that represents great value I believe.

Disclaimer:  I received these products as an unexpected gift and there was no obligation on me to write about them, I just have as I do love them!

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