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Monday 24 June 2013

Tesco summer fruits cooking fun with Daddy

Last week dh and I went to a real food event at our local Tesco store. Surrounded by about another ten food and parenting bloggers and their plus ones we got to hear Tesco talk about their summer fruits. A blind taste test revealed to me that I like the strawberries from the Finest range, just as I thought I would. It also became apparent that I bought the right plus one with me in my husband, he is super knowledgeable about food in general and especially fresh produce. I suppose that is what becomes of buying industrial quantities of food for his award winning restaurant.

Tesco are wanting to hold more of these real food events and they want to get their regular customers involved in talking about their food, trying it out and giving feedback, it sounds like a good idea to me. It was certainly nice to meet some of the management of my local Tesco and to know I can call on them now if I ever have any issues.

We heard lots about the way Tesco source their berries, the farmers who grow them in England and the new varieties coming into store later in the year. We were sent away with a goodie bag of products so we could make the Summer berry tart with lemon cream. Well I was heading off to a conference so the kids got to make this with dh and from what I've been told it was a big hit. Instead of the berries going on top of the pie the kids got to choose which ones they particularly fancied and added them direct to their bowls on top of the lemon cream tart.

If you fancy making the tart or need some inspiration for cooking with berries then check out the ideas on the Tesco real food website.

Disclosure: Thanks to Tesco for inviting us to this event and providing a nice goodie bag.

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