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Thursday 4 July 2013

Addicted to Nashville - It's so good

When I saw that the box set of season one Nashville was up for review my hand was up like a shot. I have seen this being advertised for TV and some of my American friends have commented how good it is but I had never yet managed to watch an episode on TV. Being a bit of an old fashioned girl I only really remember to watch anything that is on channels 1- 4 and that means I have missed it here on the TV. I now know that missed out would be a more accurate description.

I have fallen in love with Nashville, it is so addictive. And the good news is that I don't think you have to love country music to love this drama. It has a bit of everything, yes the music is really good, there are gorgeous people, there is great acting, there's a love story, there are twists and turns, it brings in all aspects of real life but also it is so far removed from my real life.  Like Dallas back in the 1980's when I would watch in awe at the glamour of the clothes, the ranch and the parties they attended, Nashville shows me a peek of a lifestyle I will never live.

I have not finished the whole season yet, I have 21 episodes to get through and at about 40 minutes each that is quite a few hours watching but I'm about half way through and I've been introduced to some wonderful characters. One of my favourites is Scarlett with the beautiful haunting voice (played by Clare Bowen), as she sings duets with Gunnar (Sam Palladio) you just see the chemistry spark off the screen, even though they are not (yet) a couple.

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The lead characters are Rayna James (Connie Britton), the ageing country star who is having a tough time convincing her record label that she still has what it takes. I think Connie's acting is brilliant and she is a really likeable character, her singing is not as great as I might have expected for someone who is supposed to be the leading singer but she is very convincing anyway.

Hayden Panettiere plays Juliette Taylor, the young new starlet who is very successful for her bubble-gum style of country music, but finds it hard to be taken seriously by many of the established country singers like Rayna. Her difficult upbringing seems to have damaged her and made her cynical and bitchy but I'm sure there are more layers to pull back yet.

I have to reveal that I have a bit of a crush on one of the stars, Charles Esten who plays Deacon Claybourne is seriously handsome and such a nice guy. He is Rayna's first love and Juliette has her sights on him but his heart belongs to Rayna, we will have to wait and see what happens.

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I'm not going to give too much away, loads goes on in this season, you'll have to watch for yourself.  What I can tell you is that Nashville is excellent and well worth buying. If you liked Desperate Housewives (like I do) then I think you'll love this too.

Nashville goes on sale in the UK on 15th July 2013, you can pre-order Nashville season one on Amazon now and I see the release price on there is just £21.50 and that s a bargain!


  1. Damn, might have to get the box set. Only seem to have 6 episodes recorded, then had to reset my recorder (damn digital signal changing all the time), so missed some, and not sure if I've got the rest. Must go and investigate. I'm loving it too

  2. I am also addicted. And yes, Dallas in the 80s!! But it's better than just a soap. The acting and music are excellent. It draws you in.


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