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Sunday 8 December 2013

Review: Notcutts Christmas lights

When Notcutts offered me some new Christmas lights to review I immediately thought of my husband and how thrilled he would be. I know he has been after some more to decorate work (the conference centre where we live) and I asked him what he would like, at first he said to me some outside ones for the tea room and then he changed his mind to some for the main tree in the great hall.

He had a look at the 89 different ones on the Notcutts website (yes there really is that many) and decided that he would like some lights that could be used both in or outdoors and wanting some quite plain and simple ones, he went for the 400 white icicle lights. Looking at the picture on the website (below), he expected these to be a single train of lights but actually what arrived with us is a string of light that have 4 or 5 bulbs hanging down in the idea of icicles. I suppose it makes sense but personally I think the picture needs to be clearer in the future.

The lights are also called twinkling lights and I think we both thought that would be a gentle twinkle, it is actually a very in your face constant flashing. This is fine for outside and I can imagine these being used on the front of someone's house. For inside, in the bookshop in our case it really is a bit much after a while. Reception faced these lights and they could drive the receptionist bonkers after a while.

As you can see, they do look very nice. The white cord is quality and very long (17.4m in total), the bulbs are long-life, energy-saving LED and they are mains powered. They were supplied in a sturdy white plastic box with a clip on lid. This is great for packing them away and will last a long time.

These particular lights are now out of stock but I think they retailed for £40. If you are looking for some indoor or outdoor Christmas lights, then do have a look at your local Notcutts or on the Notcutts website as there is a fabulous selection.

Disclosure: I received these lights free of charge for the purpose of this review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.

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