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Sunday 1 December 2013

Review: Be.ez LA robe case for 15" Macbook/ laptop

I requested this laptop case for review as recently I've been concerned about the amount of times I'm taking my laptop out of the house and of course the more it is moved around the more potential there is for it to be bashed.

I have a 15" Toshiba laptop and I was super excited to get a Be.ez LA robe case for it and as it is advertised as being for a 15" I thought all would be fine. Sadly what I now see is that the Be.ez is developed especially for Macbooks, which are of course far more slimline than my laptop. I could not get my 15" laptop into the bag.  Thankfully I went over to visit my mum and her laptop is 14.5" and this fits perfectly and snuggly in the case. So the Be.ez LA robe case does work for a traditional laptop if it is 14.5" or less.

It is such a shame I had to give the case away as I really love it, it is by far the best case I have come across. I have a Belbin one for my netbook and this is far superior in every way but particularly in the thickness and protection capacity of the case. The case is made from low resilience polyurethane material and is 5mm thick. The outside graphite colour fabric is jersey and the inside is a soft fleece and comes in burgundy, blue or black. There is also an inner lip for maximum protection.

The design is simple and unlikely to offend anyone and the zips are excellent, really wide grips for easy pulling. Take a look at the picture below and see how well the protective material works, I pressed my hand in hard and got imprints and then the picture on the right shows how well the material recovers and goes right back to normal, even after a nail imprint!

My Mum is really happy with her gift, so I suppose that is a bonus and I'll just have to sort myself out with another case for my laptop.

You can purchase the 13" or 15" Be.ez LA robe case on Amazon and I see the prices for a 15" one are as little as £17.70 which I think is a really great price for this quality product.

Overall verdict: If you have a Macbook or a laptop of 14.5" or less then I give this product 10/10 as I think it is superb.

Disclosure: I was sent this case free of charge for the purpose of this review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.

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