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Friday 11 July 2014

Stylish Lunch bags from Sweeleestuff (review)

My girls have new lunch bags for school and they are over the moon and feel so grown up, I know that even the teachers have mentioned how great they are and if I was still working out of the home I'd happily take one with me.

Sweeleestuff lunch bags (or totes if you are posh) are a zipped bag made of Neoprene and they measure H29.5 x W29.5 x D17.5 cm.  They are small enough for even a young child to carry confidently and yet you can fit so much in them.  My girls have a box of sandwiches, bottle of drink, yoghurt and something snacky for lunch and this all fits in with a load of room, I could literally fit a couple of decent sized salad and fruit boxes in as well as a drink and they would still work fabulously.

Probably my favourite part of the bags (apart from them looking super stylish) is that they fold flat for storage, just look how much space I save on a weekend/ in the holidays when I put away these bags rather than the kids old more ridged ones.

When we first received the bags they did a smell a bit but I think that is just what happens with neoprene, we have had it with wetsuits too. A cool wash in the machine sorted this out in no time and that is another fabulous plus point for these bags, that I can put them through the wash as much as I like, I no longer have to deal with the horrible smelly stale yoghurt corners in square boxes and there is no lining to trap water when it goes through the machine, they are making my life just that little bit easier which is important as a busy mum.

The neoprene is super soft and the handles are comfy to use, there is a massive range of fabric designs but they definitely are more for those who like girly designs but there is plain black for a more masculine design. Here are some of the designs I particularly liked -

The bags are all the same size but the price does seem to range from £5.99 through to £12.99, I assume this depends on how popular the fabric design is. Both the designs my girls chose retail at £8.99 currently and I think this is good value for a stylish but long lasting and washable bag that is also free from Lead, PVA, Pthalate and BPA, harmful substances which have been found in lunchbags of other materials.

We are really pleased with our Sweeleestuff lunch bags and I'd happily recommend them.

Disclousre:  We received these lunch bags free of charge for the purpose of writing this review.


  1. Hi!!!
    I'm from Brazil and my boyfriend is visiting London, so could you say me if have any store in London where him can found this bag?

    1. I don't know, sorry. If you look on their website, I'm sure you can contact them via that - http://www.sweeleestuff.co.uk/


Thanks for your comment, I will respond real soon. Mich x