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Wednesday 18 February 2015

Surviving winter with Domino's Pizza

I am so glad we have not any snow this year. Whilst it is beautiful it seems to cause chaos in Britain and we are just not prepared for it. Massive traffic jams, train delays, school closures and deliveries abandoned.  Of course the kids are beside themselves and that would be the only reason I would have enjoyed a few days of snow, so they could have tried out the sledges we bought 18 months ago when we moved to East Sussex and into the 220 acre estate that we live in now.

It's not been a harsh winter so far this year and that is a really good thing, we have still been getting out and enjoying the grounds where we live but just for shorter periods of time than normal as the kids are cold and really hungry when they arrive back indoors after a muddy game of football or hide and seek.

I was pleased that Domino's asked us if we would like a little treat one night during half term.  So after a good stroll and some fun in the woods we drove to our nearest Domino's to pick up our dinner. Sadly as we live in the middle of nowhere we can't get a delivery but we combined our pick-up with a trip to the library and pound shop, both things the kids enjoy!

Once we arrived back home my husband came home from work to join us and we tucked into our pizza feast and watched a good movie on Netflix. The film of choice was called Hunters and was pretty good for family viewing.

We all tucked into the Big pick and mix deal, which is £24.99 for a large pizza, medium pizza, chicken side and another side as well as two 500ml drinks. We also added on a combo and our order came to £31.34. On the Domino's site as you add all your items I was pleased to see that Domino's picks the best deal for the items you have chosen and this means you get a deal every time.

You can choose to remove the deal and use a voucher code if you have one. I received one on the menu which came with our meal and this gives you 40% off an online order of £40 or more but if you google for deals there are some even better ones out, there like 50% off a £40 order which ends up taking your spend down to about £20. You can also check out the Domino's blog and see what is being advertised on there too.

We really enjoyed our Domino's feast.  As always the chicken strippers were my favourite, JJ loves the potato wedges with barbecue dip and dh did a really good job of tucking into our large Meateor pizza.

This is a treat we really enjoy a couple of times a year.

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