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Friday 26 March 2021

Keeping the Creativity Going Post Lockdown

{This is a paid collaborative post}

I think we are all feeling optimistic now that the end of lockdown is insight. The UK roadmap out of the restrictions may be slower than some of us would like but it looks like it might actually happen this time. Thank goodness for the scientists who developed an effective vaccine so quickly and for the task force who have done an amazing job rolling out the vaccine effort. Add that to community testing and we have a much better handle on the damage that Covid can do in our country. 

Whilst some of us are raring to go and for normality to resume, there is also the chance to think about what habits we have developed over the last year that we want to carry on with us into our new normal of everyday life. With more time at home in the last year and not so many places to go many of us have taken to crafty pursuits and been really creative. 

For me, and I suspect for many others, creativity has been a wonderful outlet for expressing myself in this difficult time. So here are some suggestions of ways to keep the creative juices flowing in the coming months as we can go out more and do more things.

1.  Create with Others

Once we can meet our friends again, why not set up or join a crafting circle/ group. There are plenty of groups like 'Knit and Natter' or the W.I. where groups of like-minded women meet and create things together, but with separate projects. Do a shout-out in your local area Facebook group, ask in the library or keep an eye on community notice boards. I bet you'll find loads of groups already established, or set something up yourself if it isn't already there. It doesn't have to be complex, just 3 or 4 women meeting in a coffee shop to crochet together. 

2.  Seek out Free Resources

There are loads of free resources that you can use to enhance your crafting. Depending on what you like to do you can google, join interest groups on Facebook and ask your crafting friends for recommendations. I like to make cards and I recently did an internet search "find freebie fonts site" and came across Font Bundles and I've been enjoying importing their free fonts into Canva to make the posters and social media graphics that I make for my work so much more interesting. I show you how to import the fonts on a post on my other blog, Mummy from the Heart.

Vladimir Proskurovskiy on Unsplash

3.  Join an Evening Class

A few years back I did a sewing evening classes and I loved it. I thought I'd just do the introduction to give myself a challenge and to meet a few new friends in a local area, but I ended up doing the beginner. intermediate and advanced classes and happily making myself and the kids some clothes and bags. It really was such fun and I'm already looking into a local photography class for this September. 

There are adult education classes all over the UK and they never cost too much, just google for your area and see what is on offer. I called them evening classes but actually many offer a day or an evening option to suit your life. 

4.  Craft Outside

As the weather gets nicer, who says you can only craft inside. Taking your activity with you is a great way of ensuring that you still stay creative once lockdown eases and the weather is better. Something like knitting or crochet is easy to put in your bag and take anywhere but you can do most creative pursuits outside. Get yourself an easel and head off into the countryside to paint a landscape.

Or how about turning an old shed into your crafter's paradise or investing in a summer house. That would be my idea of heaven, to leave the family indoors and to head into my own beautiful crafty world. 

5.  Set Aside Intentional Time

You know what it is like, you have good intentions but unless you are intentional things can get forgotten. So maybe set aside an evening a week, or a weekend a month, whatever suits you and be intentional in your creativity. Make sure that you still get to enjoy your new (or long-established) habit way after lockdown finishes and we can all move about more freely again. 

If you want to be really decadent how about going on a crafting holiday, either alone or with friends. A few years back my family stayed with Eurocamp at Camping Club Farret in France it was amazing. They have a massive warehouse on site where you can paint, silk paint, make pottery, glass fuse, collage, make mosaics and so much more and all for an absolutely minimal cost with expert tuition. It was fantastic! Maybe one to consider for 2022 when we are (hopefully) free to move about again more easily.

Whatever you choose to do, I hope you still keep crafting long after lockdown finishes and enjoy the satisfaction of creating something fun and wonderful. 

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Tips for continuing to craft once the Covid lockdown has finished

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