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Saturday 3 April 2021

Making an Inexpensive Letterbox Gift for Fathers Day

Easy ideas for making an inexpensive letterbox gift for Fathers Day

 {This is a paid collaborative post}

After a year of hardly being able to see anyone other than those we live with, I have become an expert at sending gifts and care parcels by post, but what I learnt early on was that it can end up costing a fortune. So, the way to do it cost-effectively is to send letterbox gifts. You can still make a really nice personalised gift but do it on a small and lightweight scale.

I send mine via Royal Mail and second class post, and this currently costs me £1.53 for a parcel up to 250g and £1.99 for up to 500g. The dimensions of the box need to be a maximum of 2.5cm thick, and up to 25cm wide and 35.3cm long. You can make your own boxes (if you're clever at that sort of thing), recycle ones you've been lucky enough to receive or I buy mine for as little as 30p each.

With Fathers Day coming up in the UK in June, I thought I'd show you an idea for making a letterbox gift to send to your Dad or a man you love like a dad. The great thing about making something like this, rather than buying it, is that you can make it really personal and include things you know the recipient will love.

Above is the box we have made for my dad, ready for June. I downloaded a free Fathers Day graphic from Design Bundles and I put one on the outside of the box and one inside so it feels really apt for the occasion. I love Design Bundles as they always have free design resources, as well as a massive variety of graphics and clipart, from dinosaur clipart and dragon clipart right through to flowers graphics, card making templates and mockup bundles.

My dad is pre-diabetic and trying not to eat too much sugar but I still wanted him to have some treats, so we added in some healthier snacks. I made a photobook with his favourite people (his grandchildren), he loves a cup of tea, so I added in an assortment. I also added a little 'Dad, you're my superhero' plaque and an olive wood holding cross. The total of the contents in this box is less than £20 and bear in mind that he has a photobook and holding cross that will last for years to come, ao I think it is great value.

I just used tissue paper as an inner for this box as my dad really won't be too concerned with the design aspect and the aesthetics, but you could use handmade paper with a sticker or ribbon closure, or maybe shredded paper for a bit of a different look.

The great thing about letterbox gifts is that they are so versatile and you can make them for any occasion. I have a friend who is having an operation in a couple of weeks and she'll need to rest and take it easy afterwards, which means I won't get to see her for her birthday, so I have been putting together a letterbox gift for her too and you can see what I've included below,

Why not get creative and have a go at making a letterbox gift yourself, or if you like the idea but haven't got the time then have a goggle and there are loads of websites that specialise in making these gifts for you and you can just pay a set price for the number of items you choose and pick out which bits you think your recipient will enjoy. 

Happy crafting friends!

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Easy ideas for making an inexpensive letterbox gift for Fathers Day


  1. What a lovely idea for a Father's Day gift! I am sure any dad would be delighted to receive something like this.

    1. Yes, I bet most people would. So good, when the gift has been personalised.

  2. What a lovely idea for Fathers Day! So affordable and unique and personalised too! My partner would definitely appreciate something like this from the kids.

    1. Great to hear. I need to suggest it to the kids for my husband! lol


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