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Monday 16 April 2012

Skylanders Spyro's Adventure, an 8 Year Olds Perspective

Today I have handed over the blog to JJ, my 8 year old son.  He has something he wants to share with you...

When Mum came home the other day and gave me a package to open I was pretty excited, when I saw the corner poking out and it said Wii I started to rip the paper even faster and then I saw it was Skylanders Spyro's Adventure and I shouted 'yes' really loudly.  Mum told me to quieten down, it was just a game but what does she know? Skylanders is not just any game.

Loads of my friends at school have got Skylanders but they just have the first one.  Now I have Spyro's adventure I bet loads of them will want to come over and play. I can also go to their houses as I can take the figures with me and play on their games consoles too and they even keep all my information - cool and super cool is that I have the Wii but Mr B has an XBox and we can use my figures on there too.

Mum told me if I wanted to play with Skylanders I had to set it up myself as she was busy cooking tea, so I unpacked the box and had a look at the instructions, there were loads and it looked like it would be really hard but actually it was well easy.  I had seen my friend Mr F set up his game once so I copied what he did and within a few minutes I was ready to play.

With my set I got a portal of power and 3 characters Sypro, Trigger Happy and Gil Grunt. Trigger Happy is my favourite at the moment as I have the most upgrades for him. Basically I am the portal master and I have to save the Skylander world by using my different characters to beat the evil one Kaos. I like that I can change my characters really easily to make sure that I get the best use from their special powers. They each do different jobs and work better in different areas.

I have already asked Mum if I can save my pocket money to buy more of the figures, there more then 30 in total and they all do different things and allow me to play different areas.

Skylanders is the best Wii game I have and it is really fun.  I have been playing it loads and I can't wait for one of my friends to come round so we can do multi-player battles.

Back to Mum....

JJ is enamoured with this new game set and it is all he wants to do at the moment when we are home.  It was easy for him to set up on his own and he has got straight into playing it, the screen graphics look excellent and keep him really interested.  I suppose my only gripe would be that once your child has this they will want to keep buying more characters so they can access particular areas of the game.

I had not realised it was basically a shooting game but JJ tells me it is OK as it is only evil things he is killing!  Hmm not sure that really washes but I suppose as he gets older he will be exposed to these things and dh and I will have to make a decision of whether we allow him to join in with battle and killing games.

Skylanders Spyro's Adventure has been given a rating of 7 by Pegi. 

The starter pack is available on Amazon for £37.99 currently, a single character seems to be about 7 and a triple pack £19.99.  I have to be honest and say these prices are more reasonable than I had thought they might be.

Disclaimer:  JJ received the starter pack and an additional character for the purposes of this review.

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