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Sunday 23 September 2012

Review: Britax Kid Plus SICT (Group 2-3)

A short while back Britax contacted me to see if I would like to trial out some of their products and be a Mumbassador.  As a Mum who is in no hurry to move her kids out of car seats, I jumped at the chance.  I have read enough news items and articles to know that children are far safer kept in seats or on booster cushions as appropriate for as long as possible.  My JJ is nearly 9 but already he is taller than the 135cm legal requirement for a car seat.  Much to his disdain he knows that he won't be getting away with no booster for a while yet!

Miss E and Miss M (5 years old) are currently in car seats that JJ had outgrown and whilst they have never been in accidents and thus I do not have any reason not to use them, they are now showing their age with ripped and stained seat cover and Miss E's one even had cracked polystyrene that had been brown taped back together!  It really was a relief to hear that Britax wanted to send Miss E and Kid Plus SICT car seat for her to try out and look at it - it is like the king of car seats -

I went for classic black covers to match my car interior, I am sure Miss E would have much preferred the hot pink but I was pulling rank on this one! There are currently 6 different fabric options to suit all tastes.

Here is what we really like about the Kid Plus SICT -
  • It received the 2011 Which Best Buy award.
  • The SICT (side impact protection technology), which means that side impact energy is reduced by over 25% for the child, making it a much safer seat than your average.
  • The seat is really padded and very comfy, as is the headrest.  Miss E tells me it is her best seat ever.
  • The cover can easily be removed for washing.
  • The width of the seat is adjustable so it can get wider with your child as they grow. I have never seen this option before, it is very simple to change and really nifty!
  • The placing of the seat means that the lap belt goes across in just the right place and this is so important.
  • All the areas that I need to adjust are in red making it easy for me to see what I need to do.
  • There are multiple recline positions for maximum comfort.
  • The headrest is easy to adjust to change for different height children or to adjust as your child grows.
  • Adjustable backrest so ensure that the seat can be fitted into many cars.
  • The seat belt guides are easy to use and not fiddly, even for my husband with bigger fingers.
  • Miss E is able to clip her own seatbelt in now, something she was not able to do with her old seat.
  • The seat and the backrest can be separated for easy storage.
  • It comes with a full user manual (so many things rely on you to go online and find it yourself nowadays!)
  • It is also available as an Isofix seat if you have a car with the right fittings.
What we did not like -

I only really have 2 grumbles with the seat and neither would stop me buying it. 
  • The first is that the SICT air-cushioning on each side makes for a very wide seat, this means the seat often feels very near the car door and it also means that if I have to have 3 kids along my backseat (2 car seats and one in the middle) then poor JJ in the middle gets very squashed. So if you need to get lots of children on your back seat think this through and maybe try it out first before buying.
  • The other thing was that I personally would not buy it for a child at the top end of the age range. Although my JJ is currently only 8, he has the height and frame of a 12 year old and thus I got him to try out the seat and his shoulders were tight in the seat and he said he did not feel comfy.

Technical Details -

Group 2 and 3 car seat
Suits weight of child: 15kg - 36kg (roughly suitable for 4 - 12 years)
Height:  68 - 86cm
Width: 60 cm
Depth: 43 cm
Weight of seat: 6.9 kg

If you want to see more about the Kid Plus SICT car seat then check out the videos at Britax.

The Kid Plus SICT car seat has an RRP of £124.99 but I found it on Amazon for anywhere upwards of about £98. 
We are really happy with our car seat and it is so nice to be able to go on a long journey and know that if Miss E falls asleep her head will be supported and she'll be comfy too. I am happy to recommend this car seat and I am giving it 9/10 overall.
Disclosure:  I was sent this seat for the purposes of this review.  I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.

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