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Tuesday 23 July 2013

BBQ Fail #TheCharcoalChallenge

I've got a bit of a secret to let you into.....  I can't BBQ, I am just rubbish at it.  I want to be good and I'd love to have serene evenings spent outside with my husband and the kids chilling as the meat slowly cooks and the beautiful smells waft over towards me.  This just does not happen. I bought a nice red gas BBQ once and we used it twice and that was it - it just seemed too much fuss and cleaning for the food we got.

Then I heard that MoneySupermarket.com where offering bloggers £50 to take part in the #thecharcoalchallenge and I thought perfect, I can try again - surely even I can manage one of those disposable BBQ's and we can have some yummy smoky burgers to enjoy for the girls birthday tea with their grandparents whilst we were on holiday.

Oh dear, how wrong was I?  We got the BBQ lit and that seemed fine, the instructions advised me to wait 20 minutes for the flames to die down and the charcoal to look covered in ash. All looking good 10 minutes in -

But then the smoke started as the wind had got up and the patio area started to look as if we needed a fire engine to come visit. My Dad could take the smoke no longer and we decided to put the BBQ out and stop trying to annoy the neighbours

So it was under the grill that the burgers went, ideals of smoky flavours out the window.  We did enjoy our birthday tea and then everyone loved the meringue, cream and strawberries after and we finished up with a game of monopoly. At least we got something out of the £50 that will last us for some years yet and give us lots of fun!

 Thanks to moneysupermarket.com for helping us have a fun evening as a family.

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