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Saturday 30 November 2013

Easy winter cooking with Colman's and Knorr

Life can get very busy as a mum of three and particularly when one (or more, as was the case this week) of the children get ill it is really hard to stay on top of everything. It is important to me to be able to feed the family a good and nutritious meal even when time is tight so I often use some quick fixes and I'll share a couple of my favourites here -

Knorr stock pots -
My dh picked these up on special price when they were first launched and I have to be honest and say I wondered what the fuss would be about. Then one batch of winter vegetable soup later and I understood, they offer a richness and depth of flavour that I find cubes or powdered stock just do not.

This week I made a very simple spaghetti bolognese (which I served with garlic bread, peas and sweetcorn) and for the first time stirred in one of the beef stock pots about 15 minutes before serving. Muuummm is what I can say, oh yes I will be doing this again, it tasted delicious.

Colman's recipe mixes - 
I absolutely love these, they make cooking so easy and also super tasty. Staples that I use time and time again are the chilli con carne, chicken casserole, beef casserole, sausage casserole and cottage pie.  I have used many of the other varieties but these five staples can always be found in my store cupboard. I highly recommend them and often find they are on special at the supermarket and I can pick two up for just a pound.

Knorr gravy pots -
The first time I saw these little gravy pots was when my Unilever winter food hamper arrived with me a couple of weeks ago. I gave the onion gravy one a try one night when I had cooked toad in the hole. The taste of the gravy is excellent but for five of us we needed more than one pot to have enough to go round. I did find it a bit more effort to boil the gravy on the stove rather than just stir powder/ granules into hot water but the taste was so much better that it is worth it.

Nothing wrong in making life easy for yourself every once in a while I say, what little cheats do you use?

Disclosure: I was sent a food hamper from Unilever for the purpose of this review. I was not instructed what to write and I remain honest.

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