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Saturday 22 March 2014

Family film night with Domino's Pizza

Friday night seems to have unofficially been declared film night in our house and I must admit I really like it. The husband works late, so the last couple of weeks the kids and I have grabbed an easy tea and some popcorn and settled down together snuggled in duvets with the lights off and watched a kiddie film. Tonight it was one of those junior spy thriller ones - the girls felt very grown up!

This week I was super delighted that Domino's had asked us to come along and have a meal on them, so that we could try out their high quality pizzas. I'll be honest and say it is a very long time since I last had a Domino's pizza, this is partly because we now live in the middle of nowhere and partly because I'd much rather have an Indian if given a choice. However we had a great meal and you don't get yummy brownies and Ben & Jerry's ice cream with an Indian takeaway!

We cashed in on the buy one get one free deal for medium and large pizzas and the kids opted for a create your own with ham and chicken on top and the hubbie and I had a meteor with the yummiest BBQ sauce. As well as the pizzas we had garlic bread, wedges, chicken strippers and some fizzy drinks. It really was a feast!

The kids find it all the more exciting when we eat in the front room with the TV and sit on the floor, so that was what we did, it was Friday night after all. I really enjoyed my pizza, the pork meatballs on the meteor are divine and I found there was a good amount of toppings on both pizzas. The kids all ate theirs up and the girls being smaller they seemed to like the little garlic bread pizza slices.

We all agreed that the chicken strippers are excellent and the BBQ sauce that came with them was good too but I did not manage to get a look-in at the wedges as they were gone in a flash. The kids tell me they hit the mark as well. It is worth noting that the Domino's classic crust base is tasty and hold it shape well, not any grease in sight.

After our pizza feast we enjoyed some Domino's brownie bites with Ben & Jerry's ice cream and a squirt of cream for god measure. the brownie bites are excellent but then I would expect them to be at the price of £3.45, that is pretty step and next time we would probably get a box of 20 form a supermarket for £1.99!

We had opted to collect our pizzas and I tied it in to a visit to the supermarket. I used the website to place my order before leaving home and was able to choose what time we would collect. I opted for 6.15pm and when we arrived at the shop ahead of time our pizzas were not ready, which of course is exactly right as Domino's had it all panned that they would be ready and fresh at 6.15pm as I had requested.

Being there ten minutes early was actually quite fun as the girls got to watch the pizza chefs through the glass window and see them making our pizzas. There was one guy in there (Laddo I think his name was) who was such great fun, he was messing around with the girls and really engaging with them whilst also keeping his eye on the ball and turning the pizzas out. It is very reassuring as a customer to be able to see into the kitchen and see all the lovely fresh produce and perfectly clean floors.

We walked out of the Domino's in Hailsham at 6.14pm with or full order and happy with the great customer service too.

Thanks so much Domino's, you did a great job, we will be back again.

Disclosure: I was reimbursed for the cost of our meal for the purpose of this review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest

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