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Thursday 20 March 2014

Lego storage solutions from Store

My son JJ was sent the new Lego movie lunchbox and drinks bottle set to review. This meant that I was the best Mum in the world (well, for at least a week) as all his school friends thought it was super cool.

The box has an easy to detach lid (but one that does stay on well in his bag) and it measures 6.5cm high x 16cm long x 14cm wide, which is a little bigger than some he has had before. It is in fact a good enough size that you don’t need to use it inside a lunchbag or such as it can take everything you need – a sandwich, yoghurt tube, packet of crisps etc. I must say this has been through the dishwasher loads of times in the last couple of weeks and there is no sign of fading of the printed lid and bottle, which is a good surprise.

JJ particularly likes the drinks bottle as it has a Lego stud for the lid and he thought this was a great. Also at the bottom it has a detachable piece in contrasting colour plastic and I had wondered what on earth it was for, thinking it was a bit bizarre but JJ knew as soon as he saw it that it was a cup for his drink – brilliant! The bottle holds 350mls of liquid. The limited edition Lego movie lunchbox and bottle set retails for £14.00 and it would make a super gift for someone.

Store also sell other Lego lunchboxes and sets, such as Lego Chima and Lego friends.

As well as the lunchbox Lego sets, the Store website have a great range of Lego storage containers and for my Lego mad JJ they are a hit. We were sent the the giant 8 stud Lego brick container in red to review. This is a really sturdy box in durable plastic, JJ was able to stand on the box and it stayed firm. The lid lifts off easily too. The red brick is glossy and looks super stylish and you can choose form a range of colours.

JJ already had some smaller one stud Lego containers and also a Lego head and the great thing is that all of these can stack together. I’m sure we will be getting many more in the months to come as he is trying to get organised and sort all his Lego out. 

The giant Lego storage brick retails for £22.95 and measures (externally) 18cm high x 50cm wide x 25cm deep and internal  11cm high x 48cm wide x 22.5cm deep. I do feel it is a shame that the capacity inside is so much less than you might think it would be, this is because they are stackable and you have to allow for the studs underneath to sit into it.

Here is JJ happily adding the giant Lego storage brick into his collection and having a play.

Disclosure: We received these products free of charge for the purpose of this review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.

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