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Sunday 9 March 2014

Review of Vegesentials fruit & veg drinks

I'd not head of Vegesentials before so when they got in contact and offered me some of their products to try, I thought 'why not, all the family like fruit and veg' and two of my kids are particularly crazy about fruit juice and smoothies so I was sure they would be a hit.

When the drinks arrived I was impressed with the packaging and I think they look like a premium product. The adult juices come in a 250ml bottle and the child ones a 125ml bottle which are perfect sizes I think.

There are a range of flavour combinations and every drink contains at least 50% vegetable juice, this of course means the drinks are lower in calories than plain fruit juice and also contain less sugar and have a lower acidic value, all of which are good.

At first glance I thought the flavour combinations sounded really good, especially the children's ones, there are -
Groovy beet and strawberry juice
Cool cucumber and pineapple smoothie
Cheeky carrot and peach juice

Then for adults there are -
Cucumber, pineapple and spinach smoothie
Beetroot, pomegranate and carrot juice
Celery, apple, kale and kiwi juice
Carrot, mango and parsnip smoothie
Carrot, peach and cucumber smoothie
Beetroot, blueberry and cucumber smoothie

However I have to say that we ended up a bit disappointed as only one of the children's drinks has pineapple as a leading ingredient and they all contained pineapple and in our opinion predominantly tasted of pineapple. I then found the adult ones either very watery and smelling of cucumber or very earthy and smelling of carrots and parsnips. The drinks are perfectly drinkable and obviously it is good that they are an easy fix of fruit and veg but not one of them stood out as a really tasty drink I'm sorry to say.  All three of my kids tried a couple each and would not drink much more than one taste.

My husband has predominantly been the one to drink most of these and he is doing that as it is a fabulously easy and healthy breakfast for him during Lent, when he is trying to improve his eating.

I would say that if you are looking for a product which is really healthy and has health benefits then Vegesentials might just suit you, but if, like me you prefer a really tasty drink then they might not.


  • Good size bottle with all raw and fresh vegetables and fruit inside
  • Very attractive packaging
  • Each ingredient, selected from the different colour families, has been chosen for the unique benefit it contributes to balancing taste with health benefits. These health benefits include lowering the risk heart disease, cancer, obesity and diabetes.
  • The product is not heat treated so the fruit and veg retain their natural vitamins and minerals
  • Vegesentials have also committed to donating a proportion of their annual proceeds to Cancer Research UK and the British Heart Foundation.
  • The names of the drinks are not always an accurate indication of what is in it, we found there would be lots of other 'filler' fruits such as pineapple, apple and pear and then the fruit listed on the front might only be a tiny percentage
  • None of the drinks are that distinctive in taste, they are all quite sameish
  • It is limited where the drinks can be purchased from currently
  • At £1.99 for a 250ml bottle they are about 20p each more than a comparative bottle of quality branded all fruit smoothie
For us we won't be buying these again but luckily as a family we like veg and are happy to get our intake in its natural form. if you need to get your veg in an easier way then maybe Vegesentials are for you.

Disclosure: We were provided with these drinks free of charge for the purpose of this review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.

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