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Wednesday 16 April 2014

A Thorntons Easter

I set out for my morning walk round the lake today at 7am and just as I was about to head home I remembered there might be a nice surprise waiting for me in the post room and let me tell you, I was not disappointed and when the kids got up to this, I was declared the best mummy ever!

Thorntons had kindly sent me through a selection of their Easter eggs to try out with my family and friends. Some small Easter eggs, lamb and bunny shaped lollys and a couple of Harry Hopalot bunny figures, as well as the Continental selection large egg, which is of course mine as they are my favourite and I was super pleased to see all my regular picks in the the 18 chocolate box, in fact by 9.30am I was doing this -

Then in the interests of being able to give you a full opinion, all the family tucked into some chocolate after our dinner this evening. I started on my Continental egg and the chocolate was really good, very tasty but I was surprised that it was quite uneven, parts where thick and others very thin chocolate. Not necessarily a problem, but not what I would have expected from a premium Thorntons product, see the photo below.

Dh had some of the chocolate from one of the small eggs and he said it was quite sugary, more so than my continental egg but still very good, a quality chocolate. The small eggs retail for £3.99 each and have around 153g - 161g of chocolate each. You can buy them on special, with 4 costing £12, which seems a good deal to me. I really liked the back of the eggs with the embossed Thorntons logo on them. Of course if I was buying these you can have them personalised with an iced name or maybe just Happy Easter and then they would look really attractive with the plastic window on the front of the box.

The Continental Luxury egg (500g) retails for £17.49 and that is far more than I'd normally spend on an egg but I have to be honest and say I'd be over the moon if my husband choose this for me as an Easter surprise. Let's be honest there is nearly £10 worth of Continental chocolates in here before you even think about the egg.

The kids tried out the Harry Hopalot figures and lollies and were super pleased with them, both white and milk chocolate were branded delicious!

If you get in quick you can still order your Thorntons Easter eggs up until 8pm tomorrow night (Thursday 17th April 2014) with next day delivery to ensure you have them for Easter Sunday.

I've been a very happy customer of Thorntons for a number of years now (since my Mum had a brief spell working at one of their shops back in the late 1990's) and I will happily keep shopping with them as I think their products are really good and offer value for money. Thank you Thorntons.

Disclosure:  I received these chocolate products free of charge for he purpose of this review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.

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