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Tuesday 22 April 2014

Organix No Junk Campaign

Have you heard about the Organix No Junk Campaign yet?

As the name suggests, it’s all about healthy food – and healthy children, two things I'm sure we would agree are very important? I have to be honest and say that whilst we have a very varied diet I've not always been the best example to my children of how to avoid convenience foods and to make sure your diet stays junk free. This is one of the reasons I started with Slimming World this week to try and adjust my eating habits and to make a difference for life, not just go on a diet!

The No Junk Campaign starts on 28th April but the pledge to join in is live from today at - www.organix.com/nojunk

Next week will be all about finding out what’s in our food and tucking into simple meals made with real ingredients. I think this very short video gives us a real revelation of how things have changed over the last fifty years and how we now all eat things that we have no idea what they are. I think we consumers have become more aware of flavourings, colourings and sweeteners in the last decade or so but there are still all the preservatives and enhancers put into food that we cannot trace back to a good food source.

On the Organix website there will be loads of contests, prizes, and ways to share your kitchen adventures.
What it’s really about, though, is starting a food revolution. Organix is calling for the government and the food industry to do their part. That means tough controls on salt, fat, sugar and artificial additives in what our little ones eat and it does not just have to be toddler little ones. It is all children, my kids are now 6, 6 and 10 and they still require good food and not a meal full of artificial rubbish.

I’m right behind the campaign and will be blogging more about it next week – that’s why I’ve already signed the online pledge: www.organix.com/nojunk  Why don't you sign up too?

“I pledge to eat and feed my family only real ingredients 
I can recognise or spell.”

Disclosure: This is a commissioned post and I will actually be joining in with this and being very aware of what I feed myself and my family in the coming weeks.

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