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Saturday 19 April 2014

Dinners with Birds Eye

I have to admit that as a kid I really loved the Captain Birds Eye adverts, almost as much as the Milky Bar kid ones and I was keen to have a part in one of the adverts but alas it never happened and as Birds Eye dropped the captain back in the late 1990's I fear it never will now.

Perhaps the closest I have got is being asked to be a #Birdseyeblogger and to try out some of their products with my family. We were sent some vouchers and I took the kids shopping and told them to go crazy and choose what they fancied.  They are not the most adventurous of kids so we ended up with some mini potato waffles, chicken nuggets and quarter-pound beef burgers.All products they know they like and have eaten before. I also fancied trying out some of their chicken kievs as to be honest I did not realise they made those.

Probably the thing I love best about Birds Eye frozen products is that they make for such an easy meal. The kids think it is a real treat when I tell them they can have a freezer meal as this will always involve at least one Birds Eye product. Tonight we had one such easy tea and they enjoyed nuggets, with mini waffles and tinned spaghetti hoops. No not the most nutritious of meals but everything in moderation I say, the watermelon and grapes that followed afterwards help to restore a little balance!

The 32 nuggets that we bought cost £3.00 at Asda and the mini waffles were £1.50. We used all the waffles and the kids had about half the nuggets, so if you add in the tin of spaghetti at about 50p. The meal for the 3 of them cost about £3.50 and that's good value for something that offered me a lot of convenience after a very busy day.

When I got home after shopping the other day I was putting the food away in the freezer and I realised that my favourite 5 minute cook salmon is also Birds Eye, I had not realised that before. It is fabulous, you just pop it in the oven and it cooks in a little bag and then you have a delicious lemon and herb sauce in the bag to pour all over your veg. I love this salmon with a massive pile of green and white veg and then it is a super low calorie meal but full of vital nutrients. These salmon fillets are not cheap at about £3.98 for 2 portions but they are a good size and really are the most delicious convenience food out there.

I had not realised to be honest that Birds Eye have such a large range of products nowadays. I knew they did fish fingers, chicken nuggets, burgers and potato waffles/ smiles etc but that was about the extent of my knowledge. When I started to look what I could spend my vouchers on I was pleased to see there are all sorts I can try out - rice fusions, pies, various chicken and fish meals and even the good old Arctic Roll -its been a while since I had one of those!

Disclosure: I was sent some vouchers to spend on products and also a notebook/pen. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.

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