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Thursday 4 June 2015

Review: Table Table Restaurant - Gateway, Eastleigh, Hants

Ready for their dinner after a busy day at Marwell Zoo

Last week seems like a million years ago sadly but this time last Thursday I was at Marwell Zoo with my family enjoying seeing the animals and looking forward to our dinner at the Gateway Table Table restaurant in Eastleigh.

First Impressions
I was very pleased to have been asked to review a Table Table restaurant as it is a number of years since I last ate in one and I know I used to enjoy it. I'm pleased to report that this experience was no different, we had a great time. We arrived at the restaurant car park at about 6.25pm and the car park was very full but there were some spaces we could pull into. It all looked clean and well maintained and thus our first impression was good.

We were greeted as soon as we arrived in the restaurant and the greeter took us promptly to our table as we had a reservation. I loved the lay-out of the restaurant as there were lots of different shaped tables in all sorts of areas. We had a separate booth area for the five of us and this meant dh and I did not have to worry about the kids being too noisy and disrupting other diners. Personally I felt parts of the restaurant were a bit dark for 6.30pm but it would have been great for later and a romantic meal for two.

The Menu
My husband and I were impressed with the selection on the Spring menu. There is a good variety of starters to either enjoy alone or to share and the mains are split into themes such as hearty pies, classic dishes, gourmet burgers, salads, fish and grills. There is also a nice selection of sides and I was super excited to see cauliflower cheese featuring there as that is a personal favourite. Starters start from £2.59 for the garlic ciabatta bread but most are priced between £3.59 - £4.99 for a single portion. The main meals seem to be around £7.99 and you could choose something like a burger, lasagne or quiche for that price and the prices range up to £17.99 for a T-bone steak. All main courses come with appropriate accompaniments such as chips, salad or garlic bread, so you only have to pay for extra sides if you wish to have more than the standard offering. Puddings range from £3.99 to £4.99 and there are both hot and cold varieties.

We took advantage of the evening value deals menu which is available Monday - Friday after 6pm. This offers 2 courses for £9.99 and 3 courses for £11.99 which was excellent value. Of course the variety you can choose from is more limited but there is certainly enough on it, that it made us smile - 4 starters, 7 mains and 4 puddings.

There is also a daytime value menu too which has mains from the main menu on at the special price of £4.99, £5.99 or £6.99 and you can add a starter and/or pudding for £1.99 each. So you can have 3 courses for as cheap as just under £9.00 in the day (Monday - Saturday 11.30 - 5pm) and if you are dining during the day but want something less heavy there is the light bites menu too.

Clockwise - Miss E colouring, Miss E'd odd main course (her choice) - spaghetti bolognese, mashed potato and garlic bread, chocolate challenge dessert and Miss M with her cheesy nacho and BBQ dip starter
Kids Menu
Probably the menu I was most impressed with was the children's one, it is called Ruthless Romans and is styled around Horrible Histories which instantly made it appealing to my children. They received a colouring/ activity sheet and some crayons each and got straight to work on these, it is always good to have something to distract them whilst they wait for their food to be cooked.

Both my girls choose from this menu as they are 7 but we let our 11 year old son (who is only 3cm shorter than me) chose from the main menu as we felt he is getting a bit big for kids menus now. The price is £3.99 for a main course and you can choose either a starter or pudding for free and add the other if you want to for 99p. So three courses is £4.98, which is fantastic value and kids drinks range from 75p to £1.50 per glass. I do feel these prices are so much better than many restaurants offer and there is really excellent variety on this menu with smaller portions of main menu items such as ribs and steak and chips being available for £4.99.

With the kids main courses as part of the deal they can choose 2 sides and there is a massive choice with both healhy and not so healthy options. Miss M went for salad sticks and garlic bread with her macaroni cheese but Miss E had the stranger combination of spaghetti, mashed potato and garlic bread. It made her very happy though!

Food Quality
In general we were all really impressed with the quality and the taste of the food we were served. There was nothing that we needed to complain about and we would order everything again with the exception of the battered fish as the fish was rather pulpy and the batter not very crisp. I would highly recommend the pate I had for starter as it was a massive portion and super tasty. JJ and dh are very fussy about their burgers and they both said theirs was excellent (as were the skinny chips) and the would be very happy to eat at a Table Table restaurant again.

Top left, Louisiana chicken goujons (these were really tasty), pate starter, JJ with his burger that he was super pleased with, my fish chips and peas
Dan was our waiter and he was very attentive and gave great service; very happy and smiley but not too intrusive. The mains took a little longer than he wanted and he apologised for the delay, although it did not feel overly long to us. We spent about one and a half hours in the restaurant in all and we were perfectly happy with this for a 3 course meal.  We were checked on regularly to make sure we had everything we needed and that the food was OK and Dan also came and bought us soft drink refills as we required too.

We had a fabulous meal and we would happily visit this restaurant again. The staff, food and environment were all very pleasing.

Disclosure: We received a £50.00 for the purpose of this review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.

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