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Thursday 16 February 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful - Week 7

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart
Hello all,

I know, I know this is on the wrong blog but that is the beauty of having 2 blogs, I can use this one when I need to! New Bloggers Fortnight is in full force over on my other blog and hence I am over here.

Keeping it simple this week, here are 3 reasons why I feel grateful right now -

  1. New Bloggers Fortnight has been a pleasure to host again. There have been soem great posts and I have foudna  few helpful hints too which have helped me.  Yourb,log is never too old to accept a few good bits of advice
  2. It is half term and I have been taking it so easy.  My Mum is here and I am in super relaxed mode, I am not quite sure what has happened to me but I'll just go with it.
  3. I had a lovely Valentiens day and dh really excelled himself. Not only did he mastermind a fabulous present for me, he also agreed that I could go away with some women from my Church in June for a retreat - result!
Now write your post, link up and head over to Clares, as she is our hostess with the mostess this week.

Have a brilliant weekend.  Mich x


  1. Been reading up and you seems so happy and centred. Long may it continue

  2. Retreats are fab so that is a lovely reason out of lots of nice ones. Please feel free to link up any charity posts or the Eating Disorders post over on the Britmums blog

  3. How lovely to be going on a retreat! I'm sure that will be fab x

  4. I have been enjoying half-term too.

  5. Sounds like a busy time for you and new bloggers :), long may it continue.

    Valentines was good for me this year also, enjoy the rest of the week xxx

  6. Ohh dear the reply function does not seem to be working for me! I must get disqus on here.

    Thanks all for stopping by. Mich x

  7. Congrats on hosting New Bloggers Fortnight again Mich! And fab news about your retreat x


Thanks for your comment, I will respond real soon. Mich x