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Monday 27 February 2012

Review: Pillow Pals are a Big Hit at our House

You'll know that I have 2 little twin girls and also my older son.  What perhaps you do not know is that I have 3 kids who are crazy about their cuddly toys. JJ goes to bed each night with about 20 stuffed toys down the side of his bed, he spends a good few minutes organising them before he sleeps. Miss E will not even consider bed without her beloved and battered Alfie and Miss M has a real penchant for dog toys - spaniels, pink poodles, golden labs and many, many more.

Miss E and Miss M are going to be very happy little ladies in a few weeks, because they will be receiving these Pillow Pets -

A dog for Miss M and a pretty Unicorn for my girlie girl Miss E

I have been sent two Pillow Pets for my girls and I want to give them as an early Easter gift when we go away at the beginning of April, so at the moment they have no idea about their existence but they have seen adverts for Pillow Pets and have asked me if they can have one each for their birthday.  Ohh yes young ladies, I think we can do better than that! lol

As the girls are totally unaware at the moment I got JJ to help me out with this review and that has created one small problem.....  he wants his own Pillow Pet too! Yes, apparently 8 is not at all too old for a gorgeous, soft and cuddly pillow - the dog one please Mum! Ohh OK babe, seeing as you can get a beautiful Pillow Pet for anywhere upwards of about £6.00 on Amazon at the moment I think I can stretch to that.
Tall JJ showing off just what a good size the pillow pets are

...and a generous sized pillow when laid flat too! Perfect for a quick snooze!

In case you have not clicked yet, a Pillow Pet is a dual purpose toy. When closed it is a classic cuddly toy for your child to play with and love and open the velcro tab on the tummy and it lays out flat to be a beautiful large pillow. Made from super-soft chenille it feels absolutely gorgeous.  Any adult would be happy to snuggle up with it too I am sure. There are lots of different animal designs to choose from, my favourite is the yellow bumble bee.  There are also some special Easter toys being released soon - bunnies and a duck.

I am happy to recommend Pillow Pets as a premium product that will not disappoint. It is machine washable which is superb as of course it will get grubby when cuddled by a child all the time. The RRP is £19.99 and even at that price I believe it represents great value and will be something that will be enjoyed for years rather than just weeks or months. Do not be fooled by the inferior imitations that are out there.  Pillow Pets have been around since 2003 and are the original, we are now just lucky enough that Mookie Toys will be distributing them here in the UK as of this month.

Recommended for age 3 years and upwards.

Disclaimer:  We received 2 pillow pets free of charge for the purpose of this review.  I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest. Many thanks to Mookie Toys.

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  1. Aw how good they are Casey is also soft toy mad and if I were to ever try to throw just one she would know .... they also look like a fab bedtime companion.


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