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Saturday 28 September 2013

Excited about plastic storage boxes

I kid you not, when I received my delivery from the PlasticBoxShop.co.uk I did a little silent whoop. I love storage solutions, the idea of having a house that is completely tidy and organised is a really appealing one to me.

When I was offered the chance to choose a few different products from the Plastic Box Shop I was like a kid in the candy store and I did not know what to look at first. Should I streamline with kids playroom and make it look all beautiful and coordinated, should I organise the dumping ground of a storage cupboard that we have upstairs or should I move my crafting products from the old and broken box that it currently sits in? Oh decisions, decisions.

Not knowing what the quality of the boxes was from the Plastic Box Shop I decided to do a bit of all three tasks and then if I like what was sent to em I could order some more and finish all the jobs.

First task - the girls playroom -
Their playroom is full of boxes with all kinds of toys in and it works OK but it is not pretty and matching like I'd desire it to be, so I ordered a pink plastic rattan look basket to see if they might make my shelves look a bit better.

The new plastic rattan box is on the bottom left and I like it, it is not as deep as some plastic boxes but it certainly looks more stylish (in a kids playroom type of way!). It retails at £3.84 inc VAT for this large size and there are other colours and sizes available. The plastic is sturdy enough to hold the toys.

Task two - Large storage cupboard -
Luckily I have a cupboard upstairs that is as deep as the length of a bed and it is super useful but you know how it can get, it is so easy to just dump things in there and then all of a sudden it is a terrible mess. I forgot to take a picture of the mess it was looking but I have to say that the 5 pack of 32 litre plastic boxes with lids that I ordered have certainly paved the way to a more organised cupboard.

I really like these boxes as the clips on the side are sturdy and the boxes feel as if they will really last. It is a false economy I find to buy those £4 boxes from the discount type stores as they never last.  This 5 pack including lists cost £28.80 inc VAT and that works out to £5.76 a box which is a great price given the quality of the box, far better than you might pay for a comparable tough box in one of the well known DIY stores.

Third task - organise my craft materials -
I really enjoy making cards and over the years I've used a variety of boxes but last year I streamlined all my materials and tried to get things down to one small box but what I had not achieved was a box small enough to have a lid on and to store under the coffee table. I now have!

I used one of the 5 pack of boxes from above for the main bulk of my materials and then I ordered a small 13 compartment craft organiser box made by Wham.  I know Wham products to be of a good quality so I was pleased to see them available for sale and this box is just £2.52 inc VAT which is a real bargain.

I also ordered an A4 size plastic box to store paper or card blanks in and this is £2.34 inc VAT and lastly a larger Wham A3 sized box for my bigger card and paper stock. This is available with a host of brightly coloured lids and can therefore suit your style. The cost for this larger box is £5.40 inc VAT and that includes the lid.

I'm really pleased that my paper box and 13 compartment box both fit in my large box and now I just have all the products neat in 2 boxes and importantly my paper will no longer have curled corners as the A3 box is protecting it properly.

I found the communication and delivery from the Plastic Box Shop really good. The products were packaged well to ensure there were no breakages and I would happily purchase from them again. if you purchase more than £60 then your delivery is free and if under it is £5.95 for a 24 hour service, which is very fair. There are fees to return goods though so I'd say make sure you are keen on the item before you buy it!

Disclosure: I was provided with these boxes free of charge for the purpose of this review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.

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  1. Fabulous, I am obsessed with storage and currently reorganising my utility room & loft space - I'll check these guys out! Great review x


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